It has landed. The first episode of Power Rangers Super Megaforce has gone up on Nick.Com, but we’re gonna post it riiiight here to get your opinion on this latest chapter in the Power Rangers Saga. Let us know in the comments below if this was a Super Mega Win… or if you think they should put their Ranger Keys back where they found them.

It’s Morphin’ Time.

Power Rangers Super Megaforce: “Super Megaforce” S1

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  1. they made it to childish. i remember MMPR was childish but wow this wins…… and being a fan of the gokaiger they really ruined it. they need to raise the bar atleast to a more PG than G with the script. i was not impressed at all……

    1. agreed but sadly they have to keep it childish unless they want whining parents complaining that its too violent and blah blah blah. im sure it wouldnt be as bad if they didnt name every stupid thing they did or the fact that it went from “ultra” to “super”. i mean isnt that backwards what the hell do they want to teach kids? you can tell they didnt put any effort into it i mean look at older power ranger series they either lost their power or it came from another source. they do need to hang it up or start getting closer to the sentai series on episodes.
      also anyone else note how jumbled this episode was they just smashed in several episodes within 25 mins.

      1. its only the first 2 of gokaiger… not bad… but STILL BAD. and ‘super mega’? heres a better name… like Pirate Patrol or something… super mega? really scraping the bottom of the barrel saban…

        1. dude really stop your hating yes not all of us are ok with it but youre just going over the edge you have to remember its not going to be the same as gokaiger or any other sentai series

          1. no its not. NOT AT ALL. samurai was decent cuz when they went to copy something… they copied EVERYTHING. rather a carbon copy then saban trying to make other shit up. ‘super mega force’? that name is a god damn joke

      2. yeah. i skipped through it. they should have started a new group and kept somewhat close to the source. best part i found to be stupid was the “ZORDON” of this season gave them morphers more powerful than the last….. why not give them those at the beginning and stop the invasion completely!?!?! so many plot holes in this one episode its not even funny

        1. i was about to skip through it myself i lost faith when they killed off zordon with rangers in space and i usually watch atleast one episode of the saban versions when they come out. there is a ton of holes in just one episode and yea give them op weapons first and call it a day i say. i swear the voice is the same as zordons as well. also they shouldve just went with the opening plot of losing their powers or passing down the torch or something.

          1. well its true they bunked the plot. the source material was great and somehow they were like lets make this make no sense by giving them this super power that is 10 times greater than what they had that we already had. hell a better plot using their megaforce would be to pull a zeo. they get their asses kicked then go on a 1-3 episode quest to gain an ultimate power greater than what they could imagine. the way they put it new zordon was a dick, hey you look like you might need more power i got these morphers that makes your current ones look like pocket protectors….. oh well good luck. well till new stronger aliens arrive…

  2. im seriously pissed. Gokaiger was my favorite super sentai team… and this shit straight RUINED it for me… im only interested in watching this garbage for the Jason David Frank cameo. after that… im DONE

    1. I feel your pain bro lol So much wrong with Power Rangers now. I mean I know it was always kiddy, but DAMN lmao. I liked the darker scripts in Space, Lost Galaxy, and Lightspeed Rescue, and Time Force. I still think Samurai was the worst so far, but since Gokaiger was my favorite group, this annoys the hell of of me.

      1. see, its THAT kind of comment that makes me continue to have faith. the fact that power rangers WAS good at ONE time. what it is now? i have no effing idea. all i know is that all hope is lost… and the fact that they have troy in Capt Marvelous’s outfit… that shit ENRAGES ME

          1. ive been watching power rangers since you were probably shitting in diapers little boy. so i KNOW what im talking about. saban has hit or miss with not that many series, when he came up with his own storylines, most were enjoyable, but this just PURE SHIT. gokaiger is the 35th anniversary series so it was meant to be over the top awesome. saban has ruined its great track record. this is garbage and since you OBVIOUSLY havent seen kaizoku sentai gokaiger then you have no room for comparison.

          2. Exactly. So why bother ranting and whining like a spoiled little girl? If you obviously knew the American adaptation would not compare to the Japanese one in a million years, then why are you acting like you were expecting it to be? That’s just stupid.

            I for one enjoyed the heck out of the action as well as *some* of the story elements. And I already know the original ones from Japan will always be worlds better than our “filtered” versions, but see, I have a Netflix subscription and they happen to have EVERY Power Rangers episode to date and they will never have the Sentai series. So, given that I’m NOT going on some kind of quest throughout the internet to find subtitled Sentai episodes (I tried already) then I will settle for what I’m given. Power Rangers happens to work well for me given that my little niece and nephew are always coming over. So the “kiddieness” is not a problem for my household as well as millions of others. And plus, there’s 35 years worth of Sentai material… I will NEVER be able to find all of it.

            That said, I agree that there are somethings they missed the mark with by a large margin. Kind of like what they did with MMRP and the megazord… The first time they used it they didn’t need those crystals, but once an episode later on showed the Japanese footage of the crystals, they kept using it on EVERY single transformation from the episode onward. It was pointless. But there’s plenty of fun to be had if you overlook the crappy little details, IMO.

      2. Dude done be hating on samurai. Sure shinkenger was better it still is a good series. Does anyone elese think that robo knight could be fused with wild force lion?

  3. Wow….so now Saban’s given free reign to rape Gokaiger…..how can Toei not feel insulted by this? If they thought bringing JDF back would appease us, they guessed wrong!

    At least MMPR respects the franchise….. Saban, you have a lot to answer for.

  4. I actually liked it a lot. It was an improvement over Megaforce. It’s not going to be as good as Gokaiger..no one should compare it to Gokaiger. It’s trying to do it’s own thing. I wish they’d stop with the “super mega” puns though

    1. I agree. It had a little more meaning and content than Megaforce. But crap man, I can’t take another ” That’s Super Mega Win!” ! That is so damn annoying to always here. Of course though, character development and story plot holes will always be in existence with American Power Rangers.

  5. Man what an awesome episode! All I could see was “Sorry, this video is unavailable from your location”. That black screen, the detail to those words. Thank you, Nickelodeon. Looking forward to your continued dick moves towards international fans.

    Sarcasm intend. I can’t even watch the episode.

    1. It’s got something to do with commercials and stuff, which these kinda sites kind of NEED to survive. Since you can’t earn a profit from a commercial being viewed in a country where that product isn’t even sold…

  6. Yeah, this is why I don’t watch PR anymore. The super-mega-mode, the ultra-mode, the complete lack of reasoning for why they look like pirates now, or where these new powers came from. The line was basically “Looks like there are stronger enemies coming, i only gave you my sorta weak morphers before, but now you can have the morphers that are actually half decent!”. The acting is absolutely atrocious, the script is bad, the localization of the concepts from SS is bad.

    1. well hey you know i would be that kinda dick too. find 5 kids give them the half-assed powers and watch them struggle a bit then when they might get killed give them the good ones and hope they dont realize i had them from the start. maybe open with a line “oh hey i just stumbled upon these at walmart and they look stronger than the ones you got”

  7. So what if it’s not good as Gokaiger. Long story short if you don’t like it then don’t watch it, or here’s a idea create your version of Super Megaforce and make it better than Gokaiger & Super Mega Force

    1. you are very right, after seeing this episode i really have no desire to continue watching it. i just wished that they could have used atleast some of the source material instead of only using the footage from gokaiger. and to your other idea i think it would be fun to make a toku series just the costs are insane for suits/props/ and monster costumes. if anyone wants to lets find a way to make a fan toku movie see if fans can do a better job than what we got from the saban group.

  8. so ill share my 2 cents

    the morphing sequence is pretty cool
    the other 4 rangers not including troy but seriously can someone make jake the red ranger cause troy fucking sucks
    the legendary morph, how cool is it to hear the older ranger’s roll call when they morph
    the villains, war gillz sounds way better in super megaforce than gokaiger to be honest with you and i liked it
    jake’s reaction to the green super megaforce ranger key

    -they really need to shut up when fighting, seriously who talks while fighting for your planet’s sake
    -troy fucking sucks, i seriously would rather have ziggy from rpm to be the red ranger
    -i was hoping at least they feature the mighty morphin power ranger, i mean its the first episode and what better way to celebrate it by morphing the first rangers ever
    -roll call, its minor but super mega force ready kinda sucks, they shouldve sticked with super mega force (insert ranger color here)
    -the storyline since they are using footage from gokaiger, shouldnt jake become joe since he is the athletic guy and noah become doc since he is the genius, because if you watched gokaiger and they get to the gokai galleon buster episode, does that mean that jake will be the one making the buster since in footage doc is the one carrying it

    there its not a bad episode, i liked it, but they couldve done better

  9. this…. literally made my brain hurt. not even taking into account the fact that i loved gokaiger, and watched the entire series…. just looking at it from a purely (or at least as pure as i can manage) american subjective look at it…. so many discrepancies they couldve fixed…. and oh god the puns are horrible, how long til they get overused? oh wait, episodes over, already done.

  10. this is a fucking kids show and all of u think this show is for u guys get real; and grow the fuck up i grew up watching all of the power rangers but u dont bitch about it its not for u

  11. Actually, that wasn’t too bad. At least a step up from “Megaforce” for sure. Obviously there is a lot they never explain (like why the theme is pirates), but honestly it could’ve been a lot worse. The action was surprisingly intact with only some editing here and there (mainly for the weapons), the theme of survival worked well, and the characters feel more like, well, characters, this time around. Not great, but better.

  12. Its funny, die hard power ranger fans need to realize that we are not kids anymore. Its not going to look as awesome as we remember the original mmpr cause we were kids when we watched it. These new episodes are just as awesome to the kids now as the old ones were to us. It has always been a kids show. Some of us need to realize that.

    1. But the writing is pretty horrible these days. I thought Ninja Storm was bad back when it was new, but compared to Samurai, it was a fucking 5 star movie lmao. Space and Galaxy had darker scripts, and more serious tones, why is it so wrong for them to do that again? Plus I hate when they use Sentai footage lol. I know they always do, but unique original footage is always better.

    2. I agree, but story and characters have been slighted, so that they wouldn’t have to pay actors as much now that the show is sag. If they put more focus on the japanese footage and show the characters a few times, no one will get connected to the character, which means that actor can’t demand more. Back in the day we knew about Kim being a gymnast and all here opportunities with that. We knew about Aiesha being interested in animals. We had multiple things with Billy and science. We got to connect to characters more back then.

  13. Super Mega Rangers – That’s a Super Mega Mouthful

    That’s a catchphrase that will get old quick.

    But here’s my brief review

    This episode felt rushed to me, but then I realized that the story basically started from the previous episode’s cliffhanger. With that I was able to watch it a little easier

    As usual, my biggest complaint is the acting. Other than Noah and Jake, I really don’t like the other rangers. Gia is getting better, but Emily and Troy just…just need to be recast or something. They wouldn’t be the first rangers to give up their powers (usually due to contracts, illnesses, etc but still)

    I actually liked the VA for the villains but the female feels a bit dry…maybe I’m just too used to their Sentai counterparts – but who knows.

    As for the Super Mega Mode…we will see where it takes us. I like the joke that was made between the Black and Green color difference and I’m glad that they called out the Morphing Cries for at least some of their transformations. I’m also disappointed that they didn’t transform into MMPR but that’s understandable considering the footage they used was also the first episode in Sentai.

    In conclusion, I’ll give the episode a 3/5 for a good first effort – and I look forward to Power Rangers Dino Charge.

    That’s my opinion, I can’t wait to here yours. There’s nineteen or so episodes until the Mega War so let’s here what you want to see happen!

    1. I actually think Emily is alright. She was able to cry in that robot episode lmao. It’s not the actors, it’s the script. No matter how bad or good they are, they’re going to look a little dopey if the script is bad.

      My issue is the “stakes” don’t feel as serious as they did in Space and Lost Galaxy. It’s too kiddy and simple, but I guess it’s supposed to be lmao

      the foot soldiers are called “Loogees” or some thing hahaha, that’s pretty lame. They aren’t scary like the Puddies or cool like the Quantrons. I also don’t like Gosei at all. But he’s not as annoying as the Mentor in Samurai. That guy was the worst character in the entire series!

      Hopefully the Legend War has a lot of custom/original footage, cause if it doesn’t that’s gonna be relaly fucking lame hahaha

  14. So overall this episode wasn’t really that bad. I was expecting much worse, honestly. A few things did stick out to me, though. The most glaring issue is the name and the constant use of “Super Mega.” It’s kind of stupid, especially since they had an Ultra mode before.

    I think they should have ditched the “Super Megaforce” name and gone with something more like “Megaforce Legends” or “Legendary Megaforce.” They call the transformation into past teams “Legendary Mode” already so it would fit much better and actually kind of reference the whole idea of an anniversary show. Not to mention something like “Legend Blaster” sounds better than “Super Mega Blaster.” And “That’s a legendary victory/win” sounds far better than “That’s a super mega win.”

    The other thing I noticed is that the way they fight doesn’t seem to fit their personalities. It may be because I’ve seen Gokaiger and the way they fought and acted made it very noticeable who was who when they used a previous team’s powers. It’s not too noticeable except in the case of Blue and Green. I think it would have been better if they suddenly made the Blue Megaforce Ranger the Green Super Megaforce Ranger and Black becomes Blue. I know it would be kind of weird but they already hand-waved away the Black to Green thing so just put in some comment about how they accidentally mixed up the colors but it was too late to do anything about it.

    In retrospect I think they should have kept the scene of Gokai-Oh slicing up ships in Earth’s orbit from the opening to Gokaiger. It would have helped explain why the massive invasion fleet stopped being a problem by episode’s end despite them literally just beating two monsters. Say it was an advance fleet and they destroyed most of them and you’re done. Otherwise it’s like, “What about the 50 other ships we saw raining destruction down on the planet? You never actually dealt with those…”

    Other than that, I guess it’s just nitpicks. I liked that they actually used the individual Zords, even if just for a minute. I don’t think the Gokaigers used them at all until the Machalcon chase 3/4 of the way through the series. They did a decent job of condensing two episodes, I guess, and Vekar comes across as more competent than Waruzu Giru. Could be good.

    1. Well I hear you on a lot, but I don’t think there was a need for the characters to match personalities with their morphed selves. Power Rangers are teens with attitude, so the thought has always been that whoever the ranger was as a civilian, they would still be an amazing fighter as a morphed ranger (Billy, Kat, Tanya, Damon, Mystic Force) I feel like we did need more explanation. I would have liked them to loose the megaforce power and have to go on a quest to a pirate ship that held their powers. Something along those lines. I would have liked for the characters to change clothes. When MMPR went to Zeo, it felt new and fresh. I still feel like I’m watching Megaforce. It doesn’t matter to a few but it matters to many how these characters dress.

      1. Yeah, I suppose you’re right about how they fight when morphed. The way they talk implies that some of that skill and power is coming directly from their morphed forms so I guess it’s not unreasonable to think it changes how they fight.

        And I agree, they should have completely lost the Megaforce powers. Just gone. Last episode of Megaforce they should have beat Vrak, the Armada shows up and their morphers get damaged or something. Just be done with that stuff and move into the next phase.

        Thinking about it, in my own fan-fiction way of wanting to see it done would be Gosei giving them some back story. He shows them into some hidden chamber where we see Akared’s suit in a tube. Gosei reveals that it’s the suit of the first Power Ranger, the Legendary Red Ranger.

        Thousands of years ago the Armada controlled the universe and one man stood up to them and was branded a pirate. He discovered the secret of the Universal Morphing Grid from which all Rangers gain their power and used its power to stop the Armada, becoming a legend and inspiring countless heroes across time and space. That hero’s name was Zordon.

        He knew the Armada would return one day and created morphers like his that would allow their users to gain direct access to the powers of the UMP: the Legendary Morphers. He then entrusted them to Gosei and now that the Armada has returned it’s time for them to be used. They keys allow the user to access the powers of previous rangers and etc…

        So bam, we have clear connections and references to past characters and concepts from the series, making it work as a good anniversary series. Plus we have an explanation as to why he didn’t just give them these morphers and also why they have a pirate theme.

        Wow… I’ve spent way too much time thinking about this. haha

  15. All of these complaints about it being childish are…wierd. The Super Sentai series is the same way, only for Japanese. You gotta remember the target audience.Gokaiger is what got me back into the whole “Tokusatsu” thing, so I am a Die Hard Gokaiger fan (seen everything with their name on it), and I really like what Saban did with the series. Its incredibly weird though, as this is my first time comparing the Japanese show with the American one. One thing bugged me: THERE IS FLIPPIN INVASION FORCE STILL AT THE END OF THE EPISODE! EVERYTHING IS NOT BACK TO NORMAL. Seriously, though, thats really the only thing that bothers me. I like how they gave the Mini Ships from Gokaiger some personality. Its nice to see them actually DO something. And they even included a new shiny fight scene thats all original (the all Red Attack).
    I rewatched some of the old episodes of MMPR a few months ago. I couldnt watch more then 3 minutes of it (BTW, watching Zyuranger was trippy to say the least) because it was so damned cheesy. And I grew up with that spandex loving series. With SUPA MEGAFOICE, I watched it all the way through without shutting it off, so they are doing something right. End of the episode still cheeses me out, though. And they really could have thought of abetter name then Super Megaforce. Too many adjetives…
    TLDR; give it a chance, dudes. Remember your watching a kids show. Enjoy it! 🙂

  16. I found myself shaking my head over and over trying to watch this..I knew Power Rangers was doomed as soon as i saw it on nickoldeon.

    they said “SUPER MEGA” so many time it was hard to watch.. they should be ashame

  17. This episode was great. It had all the right material required. Why some people are saying it is not serious enough is beyond me. The scenes with the beat up school and bar gave it a realistic feel. Honestly, are people not happy unless they complain about something. I also loved how Gosei was about to explain why Jake’s ranger form is now green but got interrupted. Brilliant.

    Also, people need to stop treating Super MegaForce like Gokaiger. They may have the same equipment but they are different universes/dimensions. It’s like complaining about Smallville and Man of Steel. Both are about Superman but they are in different realms that have different events occur.

  18. I dont know why ppl bitching about ppl how saying that power ranger is dumb sh*t. The right Super Sentai is a kids show 2 but is 100 time more mature then power rangers DUHH!!!

  19. *sigh* I’m not trying to be arrogant or anything but I think us fans can write and direct better than what we’ve got. I mean look, I don’t care it PR is having an original plot or copied Sentai but the key is how you write and direct it. Even if the story is original but if the directing is shitty then it’s shitty. Seriously they better hire better directors for Dino Charge.

  20. Got to say that this is what I thought it was going to end up being when I first heard about it. Frankly I wish Saban just skipped doing a series loosely based on Gokeiger and went with the sentai series that was going to be out after that. We get twenty episodes out of this new season compared to the original 50 – 51 from the sentai series. Now I understand that we lack 15 incarnations of ranger teams which means that there were a lot of episodes chopped and spliced together or taken out entirely but they could’ve just as easily said that these other 15 teams that hadn’t been seen before were from older generations through out earth history or pulled the these are the powers of ranger teams from across the galaxy, not like that card hasn’t been played before I mean dose anyone remember the short lived Alien Rangers? This new season should’ve also seen a new team I mean had Saban used the alien card again then they could’ve introduced a new team who already had these powers and had collected ranger keys from other planets former ranger teams to fight against the empire. Of course that would mean that the previous earth rangers would’ve had to lose there powers in the beginning of this episode and be saved by the new team. Any way I’ll probably watch two more episodes before deciding if I’m going to keep watching and as for the Legendary battle episode I’ll probably not watch that, I’ve seen the 199 legendary war and that was an hour and half movie compared to what’s going to end up being a half hour episode I know I’ll just end up crying on the inside at how bad it’s going to end up being.

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