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SHISON JUN – Tokkyu 1, Light
I’ve been selected to be Tokkyu 1 in the 38th Super Sentai. When it first really sunk in, I wasn’t so sure about it, but when I finished seeing my costume and meeting everyone, it felt more like ‘this is finally happening’. I’ve gotten my spirits up, so I’m anticipating more than nervously dreading it now. Light, who I play, is the kind of character that does some things right, but has his absentminded times too. He’s very positive, curious, lively, and has the heart of a kid…. he’s got both serious and comical sides. At its core it’s a fun role, so I’m just trying to do whatever works with it. I haven’t really had a role like this before, but in the whole scheme of things, Light and I are pretty similar, so I’m just going to do my best to play a Light that’s like me. I haven’t done anything but the movie after-recording yet, so maybe the director will have a different idea (laughs). I’ve seen the designs after transformation, and didn’t think I’d ever be something like that. But it’s extremely interesting, and I have a hunch that the kids will like them a lot too. From first sight, I’ve been wondering how Tokkyuger is going to be received, so when the movie premieres, I definitely want to go as the five of us to see it. We’re taking the baton pass from Kyoryuger and aiming to become the best heroes for kids, so be anticipating “Tokkyuger”!

Shison Jun
Born March 5th, 1995. From Tokyo. Debuted in the “Prince of Tennis 2nd Season” musical. He’s also had roles in the show “Tumbling vol.3” and the TV drama “Aozora no Tamago”.

HIRAMAKI JIN – Tokkyu 2, Tokacchi
In the audition, I had a chance to play my usual kind of role, but I was really aiming for the cool character. However, I was chosen for quite the opposite (laughs). I’m not a very cool person myself, and I thought playing a character different than myself seemed fun and a kind of challenge, but that didn’t end up happening. I probably would’ve just ended up spilling all the things I’m supposed to keep secret (laughs). I’m the oldest on the team this time. Coincidentally, I’ve already acted in other things together with Shison-kun and Ryuusei-kun. It’s encouraging to be such good friends from the beginning. As for the role, I haven’t really gotten a handle on it yet, but I’m really looking forward to it. The after-recording for the movie was our first work, and getting the Tokkyuger descriptions was a shock (laughs). I’ve been watching Sentai for a long time, but this is original. Anyway, I prepared in my way for the after-recording, but when I did it, imagination just steamrolled everything (laughs). Now, though, it’s really started to run full steam ahead. My body’s tense. With a theme like “imagination”, I wonder what kind of impression this world will leave. I’m still grappling with my intense emotions, but I want to show everyone a spectacular Sentai. Looking forward to working with everyone this year!

Hiramaki Jin
Born February 26th, 1987. From Tokyo. Previous roles include the “Prince of Tennis 2nd Season” musical, the shows “Shippo no Nakama-tachi”, “Gasshou Bravo!”, and the TV drama “Noro”.

RIRIA – Tokkyu 3, Mio
Actually, as of our second audition, other than Tokkyu 2/Hiramaki-san, the four of us had already put our heads together. Even thinking about it now, it’s kind of odd. At the first audition, I auditioned for both Mio and Kagura, but at the second, I just went for Mio. If I could play her, I thought Mio could be really fun, and I thought “maybe they’ve picked me?”, and then they did in fact deem to choose me. Mio’s a really simple older sister character. Up until now I’ve generally been the youngest in a cast, and now it’s totally flipped around, and I’m second oldest (laughs). I’m in that position, and over all the roles I’ve played, it’s still a new area for me to grapple with, but I’m really looking forward to playing Mio. During the movie after-recording, we saw the Tokkyuger personalities for the first time, and I was surprised. But at the same time, I felt that the after-recording work was really interesting. There were bits where we could do what we wanted with the character, where we were allowed to adlib, and it looks like we’ll get to continue playing with that…. or something. In “Tokkyuger”, imagination, and imagination power, is the keyword, but ever since I was a little kid, I’ve loved to come up with things. Now, when I read the script, I want to infuse that imagination into the unwritten parts, and if the children can follow on the same path, I’d be happy.

Born December 18th, 1993. From Tokyo. Previous roles include the shows “Letter”, “Sorairo Drop”, “Rutsubo”, “Rakka Girl”, and the TV drama “Akko to Bokura ga Ikita Natsu”. She will also be playing the heroine, Yuna, in the March 8th release of the miniseries “Garo <ZERO> -BLACK BLOOD-“.

YOKOHAMA RYUUSEI – Tokkyu 4, Hikari
I did my audition right before my high school field trip, so the whole trip I was fidgety. After we came back, I heard I’d been picked for Tokkyu 4. I thought there was one more audition, so I was surprised. I’d acted beside Tokkyu 2’s Jin-san in another work before, so, of course, we’ve talked at length. Also, I’ve done modeling work with Ai-chan for the magazine “Nico Puchi” before, so we’re acquainted, but there were two other people for me to get to know (laughs). I’d never met the other two before, so I’m glad we got to talk. Hikari’s a cool character, and he thinks of things a little bit differently than the other four, but he’s entirely different than me, so I’ve been worrying about how to play him among other things. I do Kyokushin karate. (Editor’s note: he’s won some matches at the world championships!) If I get the chance, I’d like to challenge myself with some aggressive action scenes. During our first after-recording, for the movie, it was really difficult to have a special kind of breathing for the fight scene. This isn’t my limit, so I’ll study every day for the next year. If I pile on all these different experiences, growth’ll come little by little. I’ve looked up to heroes ever since I was a kid, so I’ll do my best so that kids today can look up to the Tokkyugers. Please look forward to the start of the show.

Yokohama Ryuusei
Born September 16th, 1996. From Kanagawa. His TV debut was as a guest star in “Kamen Rider Fourze”. After that, he’s had parts in the movies “Joker Game” and “Chuugakusei Maruyama”, and the TV dramas “Real Onigokko THE ORIGIN” and “Houkago Groove”. He’s also a male model for the magazine “Nicora”.

MORITAKA AI – Tokkyu 5, Kagura
From the first audition, I heard that there were going to be two girls in this season. But, I love the color pink, and when I was small I said “I want to become pink!” so (laughs) I set my heart on “if I’m going to do it, I’m going to be pink.” I didn’t know whether Mio or Kagura were going to be pink, but I just had a hunch that it was going to be Kagura. So, at the audition I read nothing but Kagura’s parts, and after some tough stuff, I was decided upon for Kagura. The “Tokkyugers” get their power from imagination, and Kagura especially is the type to have the wrong, violent impressions, but once she thinks about it, she calms down. I’m really looking forward to legitimately playing her. But, I do have one fear… I’m the worst when it comes to action. My role has pretty easy fighting scenes, but I still can’t slack off when it comes to them, so I’ve been practicing at home. My friend and co-model in “Nico*Puchi”, Marie-chan, has been in “Kyoryuger” and I’ve been watching her action scenes. I like the gymnastics classes, but practicing everything is hard, so everyone’s been dragging their feet, but I still think we have a decent foundation. All of the Tokkyuger members are interesting and friendly people, so we all opened up really fast. We’re all doing our best, so please support us!

Moritaka Ai
Born January 14th, 1998. From Saitama. A model from “Pichilemon”. Previous roles include the TV dramas “Beginners!” and “Gekiryuu ~Watashi wo Oboteimasuka?~”.

Special thanks to Kitarin for QC!



    1. I don’t think it’s lipstick that makes his lips look like that; they’re just prominent.
      But all of these actors, and every actor who’s ever been in Sentai, have worn and will continue to wear makeup while filming. Making people look ‘normal’ on screen isn’t easy, and involves carefully designed lighting and makeup for every shot.

      Not that there’s anything wrong with a guy wearing lipstick, if that’s what he wants to do.

  1. These quotes all seem to indicate that they’re actually thoughtful about their acting, hopefully they’re not just making pleasant noises.

    Shison Jun obviously has a lot of work to do to vindicate himself to people (mostly for looking the way he does, it seems), but I’m more and more optimistic that this will be a great show.

  2. Awesome. Thank you. Just one question: What’s a movie after recording? I get the feeling I should know, but my only thought is that it seems early if it involves the summer movie.

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