The Ranger Train is scheduled to depart for imagination land THIS WEEKEND. And with Ressha Sentai Tokkyuger nearly upon us, the toys for the series are starting to show up in stores…at least in Japan. Want to know what this year’s Sentai brings to the table? Hit up the youtube videos after the break.



  1. still looks like a clusterfuck….no matter how hard i try to want to have interest in this megazord it just looks horrible and im a huge sentai fan so me saying this is actually pretty harsh

  2. Check out all of the haters, my goodness. I’ve got a nephew who’s 8 who loves PR dearly, just like I did growing up. He hasn’t seen a hint of this sentai yet, but it’s clean designs and train theme are a really nice departure from dinosaurs.

    Sorta funny how many grown ups I’m seeing provide their distaste on suit/big robot aesthetics over a kid show.

    1. I Agree, ToKyuOh reminds me of a rainbow Mecha (which is appropriate since the team is protecting the Rainbow Line). so to the haters: IT’S SUPOSE TO BE COLORFUL!

    1. well that’s not really a fair question when 90% of all DX Mech limbs on “standard Voltron-style” Mecha either turn into or start off as stick-shaped things. Even the Voltron lions fold up into sticks. That Thomas the Tank Engine combiner (an overdone comparison at this point) did a pretty good job at having a nice clean robot using trains, though it was a bit too parts-formy for me. That being said, seeing it as a physical toy warms me up to me and I’ll probably grab the Candy Toy

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