spoiler bannerIt’s that time again! Episode summaries have just been released for the first two weeks of March. Find out what’s happening next! WARNING: Major spoilers ahead!

Kamen Rider Gaim
3/2 (ep.20)
Kouta and Takatora continue to fight in the Helheim forest. They saw a massive city ruin overrun by vegetation in the middle of the forest. “The people and animals from this world ate the fruit and turned into invess…” When Kouta hears this from Takatora, he’s horrified.

3/9 (ep.21)
Kouta, having learned the secret of the forest, tries to think of a way to inform the public. However, people would panic if they knew. Mitsuzane advises the worried Kouta: “That’s why, to protect everyone, we fight.”

Express Sentai Tokkyuger
3/2 (ep.3)
Kagura is still lost, riding on the Express. Light gently tells her that “if you want to get off, you can”. Light thinks that “the Tokkyugers are the only ones who can defeat the Shadow”. For that, he boards the Express.

3/9 (ep.4)
The Tokkyugers stop to rest at a station. However, Tokacchi loses his ticket, and can’t get back on the Express. Meanwhile, the Shadow Line hijacks the next station, so the Express has to make an unavoidable emergency departure.





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