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Does the mysterious DJ Sagara gift Kouta with a lock that has a keyhole?

Gaim will use the Kachidoki (Victory Cry) Lock Seed, which has a mysterious keyhole on the side, to turn into Kachidoki Arms. Though we don’t yet know “the depths of its power”, the weapons attached to it are awesome! (More about the Jinba Cherry Arms, a super-fast mode, in a post to come)

gaim kachidoki 3

By scratching on a turntable, depending on what speed you’ve selected, you can use a machine-gun mode to blow Dandeliners out of the sky or perform the Big Shot finisher. In gun mode, you can put the Kachidoki Lock Seed in to shoot a powerful bullet.

gaim kachidoki 5

The DJ gun also has a sword mode, and when you put the Kachidoki Lock Seed in, it performs the “Matchless Matchlock Great Orange Beheading” (or something like that…)! The sword mode can be connected to the Musou Saber to create the Big Sword mode!

gaim kachidoki 4

What or who is this Overlord Invess, Demushu, an exceptionally strong and intelligent invess living in Helheim Forest?

gaim kachidoki 6

Gaim’s Kachidoki Arms form also has two flags emblazoned with his mark on his back, and if he takes them off, they become powerful weapons!

gaim kachidoki 2

It seems that DJ Sagara may be the one to give Kouta the Kachidoki Lock Seed, which makes you wonder how Sagara got a hold of it in the first place. Sagara’s still got a lot of mystery surrounding him, so don’t take your eyes off him!”

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Thanks to ekala for translating the scans!



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