tokkyu ressha 1

The Rainbow Line is gaining some new colors soon…

 Two new support trains are joining the ToQger team soon, both of which can combine with and power up Tokkyu-oh.

tokkyu ressha 4

The new orange Ressha is a car carrier that can link up with Tokkyu-oh’s right arm and fire off five cars called Machines, which the ToQgers can also ride around in!

tokkyu ressha 2

The light blue Ressha is a tank that can refill another Ressha’s fuel tanks, but also combine with Tokkyu-oh’s arms for a powerful KO punch!

tokkyu ressha 3

The Shadow Line’s Darkliners will also transform into mecha, and Schwarz’s is especially powerful.

Share your thoughts on the new trains (and cars?!) in the comments below!

Thanks to ekala for translating the scans.


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