Found over on the Rangerboard FB Page, it looks like Saban Brands has filed for a new trademark: Power Rangers Dino SuperCharge. If they’re continuing the trend, I supposed this would be the “Season 2” finale series that would come in 2016. What do you think? And where in Kyoryuger do you think they’d break to turn that series into two seasons? Let us know… down below. 😀

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  1. I suspect they’ll end season 1 around what was episode 23 or 24, when they beat Deboss for the first time. It makes for a nice season end, with the (temporary) defeat of the big bad, the appearance of what will be the new Violet Ranger and all that stuff. From there it’s only a couple of episodes until Carnival. I suppose they could compress the appearance of Endolf and the debut of Carnival into a two parter. Alternatively they could end the season with the appearance of Endolf and the main reveal that Deboss is now in Chaos and move straight into the Carnival episodes, marking the start of Power Rangers Dino Super Megacharge Ultra!

  2. This doesn’t surprise me all that much, plus when you think about it Kyoryuger seems to fit Saban’s new 2 year structure better then then Shinkenger Goseiger/Gokaiger have.

    I could see Dino Charge’s first season being like thus.
    1-4 Being about the team officially coming together, giving them the big combined and as well as showing off 3 different configurations for the Megazord.
    5-6 Introducing Cyan Ranger, a new Zord and Megazord configuration plus beginning the saga to introduce the Gold Ranger.
    7-10 Gold ranger Saga and introduction to the Thunderdactyle Megazord (And if its not called that I’ll be very disappointed).
    Mid season break
    11 Gold officially joins the team, new Megazord configuration.
    15-16 Introduction of Grey Ranger, new Zord and new Megazord configuration.
    19-20 Violet Ranger, new Violet Ranger plus new Megazord
    X-mas special being an adaptation of Gaburincho of Music

    Super Dino Charge would then, as Hyerbot said, kick off with Red getting Carnival form.

    But that’s just what I think.

          1. Actually the dinosaurs in mighty morphing and Dino thunder were pterodactyls ,the one from this season is indeed a pteranodon

          2. Just google the image of pterodactyls , and pteranodons , you would see that pterodactyls are much smaller , like the yellow and pink “ZORDS” …where as peterandons are much larger and broader and have arms connected to their wings , which is why the gold ranger’s “ZORD” has those same exact features and is large in size …,but in your mind you think you’re right ,.. Oh well I don’t really care

          3. you can confirm what I said by watching the series or checking the Super Sentai wiki

  3. the only reason I can see to why I can see a title change this time…is almost certainly to trick Nickelodeon into thinking this is a new season, unless separate Carnival forms are created for the other Dino Charge Rangers with Parasagun De Carnival, Stegotchi De Carnival, Zakutor De Carnival, & Dricera De Carnival to go along & make it work

  4. Yeah I agree with the common consensus Supercharge would logically start around the debut of MiniTyra/Carnival. Much like how Super Samurai kicked off around the debut of the Super mode. Also keep in mind we might not be getting 2 of the extra colors. I can see them just showing up in suit with the exceptions of Silver and Violet. Using MOSTLY Female Violet footage, and using any male footage as “flashbacks” to a previous Violet who has since retired or lived at some other point.

    Plus the “defeat” of deboss does work well as a S1 end. Only to find out that it wasn’t really defeated and is now with stronger generals- Endolf and the cambrians or whatever they were- They have to kick things up a notch. And with Super Megaforce showing SPD legendary zord before the mystic force legendary zord We don’t need to follow the order of events so stuff can be moved around to fit the story.

  5. I thought it’ll sound better without the ‘Dino’ in SuperCharge. Eg Power Rangers Supercharge. rather than Power Rangers Dino Supercharge…
    But if Nick keeps up with the 2 years trend, we can expect Saban skipping more and more Sentai series, or being YEARS away from Sentai :/

  6. personally i am sick of nick and/or saban who ever it is for breaking series into two smaller units. And i really hate the whole renaming the second half for no reason. On top of the very lazy naming each 2nd season “Super”. I really would rather not have dino charge spilt and just go for a short disney era episode count of 32-34(32 if no specials 34 with specials)/ The sentai only had 48 episodes/and the various movies to adapt footage from. So i rather work with nick for a new scheduling format and go back to the old 1 yr/ one series format and just go shorter episode count. So then you can spread it out over the year better.

  7. You know, I have to admit, Disney may have done some things with the series (7)that I thought was unforgivable. But after the first 22 episodes on Nickelodeon aired in 2010 and the other 22 as that team’s Super season in 2011, everything that Nickelodeon has done with the series such as with Megaforce and Super Megaforce, almost all of my hatred over Disney with a passion has gone to Nickelodeon itself. Shure, some episodes of Ninja Storm ruined that season for me, no Disney Power Ranger Movie, cutting back on Battlizers ( though Jungle Fury Red Rangers Strike Rider and R.P.M.Red Rangers Samurai Shark Mode made up for that ), canceling Power Rangers after R.P.M. ( until Saban bought and brought it back, thank goodness ) and ruining the original 32 episodes of M.M.P.R.and treating them as the so called 18th season ( until Samurai/Super Samurai ) ,but Nickelodeon now has done a lot more worse. Twentytwo to 22 episodes a season, holiday specials as permission episodes, trying to reach a yunger audience from the 1990s instead of the more mature one’s of today’s youth, no explanation for how an interracial team of Rangers are descended from Japanese Samurai, ignoring the pirate theme of Super Megaforce, naming all of the Megaforce Megazords after Gosei, Gosei as an incompetent non explaining mentor, not explaining more on the New Legendary Ranger Modes and the origin of the Ranger Keys, ruining the Legendary Battle ( twice ) and giving every team a 2nd/ Super Season? The Nickelodeon writer’s even copied the original Sentai scripts and used them for Samurai and Super Samurai, reused Go Go Power Rangers in theme song’s one to many times, wrote the story for that stupid so called movie Clash of the Red Rangers which is really an hour long episode ( not a real movie ) and not revealing the name of the Alien Armadas species and home planet in Super Megaforce. Altogether, that’s at least twice as many times that Nickelodeon, it’s writer’s and Saban himself has nearly killed the show Power Rangers compared to Disney’s seven times of barely doing so themselves; and that is why I hate Nickelodeon more than Disney, though I do now forgive Disney for their past mistakes. Would another station like Cartoon Network allow up to 40+episodes a season instead of 20-22? Probably. Would they hire real writer’s like the ones from Batman Beyond, Justice League Unlimited and Teen Titans ( not to be confused with that more stupid version called Teen Titans Go )? Possibly. And finally, would they not hurt the show like Nickelodeon has been doing on any level whatsoever? Positively. I hope the next time all of the Viacom channels are all at risk of getting pulled off the air that it really does happen this time!

  8. i like the title power rangers dino super charge i like the logo and the poster plus i can wait to see the new power rangers like gold silver graphie aqua and purple then talon will make their debut who ever play the power rangers i will say dwayne cameron he will play power ranger talon just like he play tyzonn on operation overdrive then who ever play ivan the power ranger gold its will be john bosch from mmpr and power rangers zeo as adam then jason frank also known as tommy from mmpr power rangers zeo and dino thunder he will play power ranger silver plus melody perkins she will play power ranger aqua please bring them back to join power rangers dino charge this season this year i want more power rangers go go power rangers

  9. after season one of power rangers dino charge in february 2016 the new season begins with power rangers dino supercharge its will have new power rangers like silver aqua talon plus new zords new villians new super dino drive armor the return of mighty morphin power rangers and power rangers dino thunder more legendary rangers new battle plus if liongate will work on five volume of power rangers dino charge dvd vol 1-5 and for shout factory like the complete series of power rangers wild force and ninja storm dino thunder and s.p.d and mystic force dvd of 2016-2017 all right power rangers lives forever in 2017 if nick promo a new power rangers series they will annouced it this year

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