A Super Sentai team becomes… a Bounty Hunting team?

Releasing on May 10, 2014, the next Toei Hero Next movie is called “We’re a Bounty Hunting Team” and will feature the main cast from Kyoryuger as well as many other famous Toku faces.

The main cast includes Ryuusei Ryo (Kyoryu Red), Saito Syuusuke (Kyoryu Black), Kinjo Yamato (Kyoryu Blue), Shiono Akihisa (Kyoryu Green), Konno Ayuri (Kyoryu Pink) and Maruyama Atsushi (Kyoryu Gold). They’re playing an acting troupe that ends up chasing after a murderer in a thrilling suspense comedy!

Also starring in the movie are Sugimoto Yumi (Go-on Silver), Yamada Yuki (Gokai Blue), Saito Rei (Tsuetsue from Gaoranger), and Sakaki Hideo (Kuroki from Go-Busters).

Making guest appearances in the movie are Hirata Yuka (Mele from Gekiranger), Souma Keisuke (Shinken Gold), Komiya Arisa (Yellow Buster), Ebisawa Kenji (Go-on Black), Yamasaki Mami (Shizuka of the Wind from Boukenger), Itou Yousuke (Deka Green), and Yamashita Shinji (Billion from Fiveman & Dantetsu from Kyoryuger).

The crew behind the movie includes Sakamoto Koichi (Director), Sakai Yoshifumi (Writer), Ueda Makoto (Editor) and Misawa Yasuhiro (Music).

PASSPO, the group Okunaka Makoto (Koyomi from Kamen Rider Wizard) is a member of, will be performing the theme song, called “Shiny Road”.

Check out the official site and watch the trailer:

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