Kamen Rider Gaim’s story only continues to get more complex – and we’ve got the details of the next big plot! Also, find out how Kouta and Raito meet in the Gaim and TQG crossover special! WARNING: Spoilers ahead!!



How many times has Helheim repeatedly made contact, even before the prehistoric era? Fruit from another universe is a common thread in mythology all across the world. Ryouma, keeping this in mind, chases after the forbidden fruit out of his own desire. Meanwhile, DJ Sagara, who gave Kouta the Core Unit and Lemon Energy Lockseed, appears in front of Kouta again. He hands over a new power that he’d been hiding, the Kachidoki Lockseed… Ryouma, faced with an unfamiliar Lockseed and feeling its overwhelming power to be dangerous, puts his unknown betrayal into action!

There wasn’t just one of the Helheim creatures we call “Overlords”. Redue (voiced by Tsuda Kenjirou) reads one of the Japanese dictionaries Kaito left strewn about the Helheim forest and reveals himself, explaining that he is in a different situation than Demushu (voiced by Sugita Tomokazu), who thirsts for blood…



Kouta dashes through a crack after an Invess. As he’s chasing it, Raito also comes through a crack! As Raito wanders through Helheim, he wonders about eating a fruit… that kind of suspenseful scene, it’s really quite thrilling. Kouta and Raito’s exchanges are the highlight of the special!

The Badan Empire’s monsters = Moleroids. They have the ability to open cracks in space, so they show themselves in Zawame, trying to unleash Badan’s army. These aren’t revived monsters from Kamen Rider ZX’s time or anything, but brand new original monsters.

Even Narutaki appears. With him is a not-really-a-puppet like Ticket. What is his goal this time?



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