The first high quality footage from Kyuryuger vs GoBuster the Movie is finally making it’s way on to the internet, and as such, we have a great video from the movie; the All Dino Roll Call!

The movie sees all 6 Kyoryugers reprise their roles, as well as Yuta Mochizuki returning as Tyrano Red/Geki and Koichiro Nishi as Ryoga Hakua/Abared. Sho Tonita also returned to his role as Yukito Sanjo/Abareblue, while the remaining ZyuRanger actors returned in voice over form for their respective characters in the Roll Call.

The DVD version was released March 19 in regular and a Collector’s Pack, which included Teasers and Trailers, as well as a Bonus disk in the Collector’s Pack, which included a Behind the Scenes/Making of, event footage, PR footage, a Data File, and Poster visuals.

You can purchase the DVDs and BluRays of the film at CDJapan.



  1. watched the movie and it’s really fun and very nostaglic seeing the dino teams together with koichi sakamoto’s action. the cast doing the voices of the other zyurangers and other abarangers are the actual cast from those tv shows. it’s a shame that abareblack wasnt there since the abaranger team actually was a 4 hero team but guess in default it’s 3.

    The gobusters interaction with kyoryuger when they had it was good and was reminded of the old sentai teamups from the past on how they were done. The previous red dino rangers and abare blue were awesome its nice to see them still havent changed a bit character wise.

    Toqgers scene at the end was great and after seeing that scene from the movie. kinda hoped that the show goes through that same style of action and comedy like the kyoryuger vs gobusters movie’s toqger scene.

    Overall the movie was great. the all dino teamup fight and toqger’s scene were the best parts of the movie

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