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As the final days of Morphin Madness come ever closer, now is the time to vote for YOUR favorite Power Ranger, and enter to win a Gold Plated Legendary Morpher and Key Set! As the contest comes to a close, let’s look at who’s still in the running for Top 5 Rangers of all time!

After 2 Rounds of Voting, the current matchups are:

Samurai Red vs Titanium Ranger
Time Force Red vs Jungle Fury Violet
MMPR Green vs Dino Thunder White
Ninja Storm Green vs Turbo Phantom
Mystic Force White vs MMPR Yellow
Jungle Fury Rhino vs MMPR Red
Zeo Gold vs MMPR White
Operation Overdrive Mercury vs Time Force Pink
In Space Red vs Dino Thunder Black
RPM Gold vs Super Megaforce Red

According to the website’s Stats section, as of today, the Rangers that are “Hot” are Dino Thunder White, Zeo Gold and In Space Red.
It can be infered that “Hot” means Rangers that are recieving at lot of votes at the time.

At the same time, the Rangers remaining that are “Not” are Time Force Red, Samurai Red and Jungle Fury Rhino. It can be inferred that these Rangers are not getting many votes at all.

The most Popular Colors of Ranger are Red, with 27% of the vote, Blue with 13%, and Green with 12%.

The Top 5 Teams are Mighty Morphin at 13% of the votes, Dino Thunder, Mystic Force, Ninja Storm all at 8% and Time Force 7%.

The Bottom 5 are MegaForce, RPM, SPD,Operation Overdrive, and Lost Galaxy, all getting only 3% of the total vote.

There has been an interesting trend in voting come to light in the past couple days. There are certain discrepancies in the vote amounts in matchups regarding Rangers portrayed by Jason David Frank as Tommy Oliver. An example can be seen below, in a comparison of total votes cast between Dino Thunder Black, and the Titanium Ranger.
While no facts on the discrepancies have been presented, Jason David Frank has since mobilized his fanbase in order to try to even out the numbers and push Dino Thunder Black, Mighty Morphin Green, and Mighty Morphin White back into winning positions. Time will tell if any answers are presented for the large difference in total votes for these matchups.

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  • Zero

    If by mobilized you mean encouraging them to vote with bribery and to cheat by deleting their cookies then yeah that would be mobilizing. This has become a real mess.

    • As a writer I have to remain unbias, therefore my choice of words. As this is, indeed, not my personal blog, I did not share that side of the information, which I honestly feel is a story in and of itself. But this isn’t my personal blog xD

    • ToQ#1 Red

      There’s been cheating in general just for the prizes. Seriously, some people suck. Though, really hope his characters don’t win. The top 5 get made into keys, and I’d rather some cooler characters get keys.

      • Zero

        Oh yeah that’s for sure, the blame is on both sides, maybe not everyone involved but still, I’ve just been voting fairly, I have two computers so I vote twice a day. But yeah I’d rather some more unknown lesser known characters get keys, which is why I’m hoping White Mystic Ranger wins of MMPR Yellow and the last round opponent, I think it would be cool if White Mystic Ranger got a key.

  • KingShadow

    I’m a JDF fan, but I agree with you, telling his fans to delete their cookies to vote multiple times is crossing the line… I would like to see White Tiger Ranger Tommy as a final five though. But the schemes to get rid of him are becoming ridiculous. How can the Black Dino Ranger have 70,000 losses votes, yet his Titanium opponents Win votes number less than 30,000? In fact, Titanium Rangers total votes(win & losses) are only half of Black Dino’s total votes…If half…! This competition is wrecked now.

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