Want to know what the actors think about the end of Kyoryuger or what the filming of ToQger is like? Look no further!


Actors are just like us – they like posting selfies and messing around with their friends and using bad puns. Japanese actors are no different! Tokublogs is a way for everyone to see what the current tokusatsu actors blog about in their downtime. We translate posts from the actor’s blogs (pictures and all!) for your enjoyment!


Originally, Tokublogs translated the Kyoryuger blogs. This included Ryuusei Ryo (Kyoryu Red/Kiryuu Daigo), Saito Syuusuke (Kyoryu Black/Ian Yorkland), Kinjo Yamato (Kyoryu Blue/Udo Nobuharu), Shiono Akihisa (Kyoryu Green/Rippukan Souji), Konno Ayuri (Kyoryu Pink/Amy Yuuzuki), and Maruyama Atsushi (Kyoryu Gold/Utsusemimaru). Now that Kyoryuger’s over, they’re being phased out, but you can still find a post from time to time – especially when it’s their feelings on Kyoryuger!

Now, the focus has shifted to ToQger. This cast is fun, bubbly, and posting constantly about their shenanigans on set. Some examples of what they post about:


Shison Jun (TQ1/Raito):
Meeting the ToQgers, meeting other people during filming, and the ToQger premiere stage.


Hiramaki Jin (TQ2/Tokacchi):
Posts all the time! About making snowmen on set, eating on set, eating on the way to set, eating outside of set, and a lot of messing around with the cast.


Riria (TQ3/Mio):
Really likes posting about the cast, what she’s doing and watching, and her deep feelings about being part of ToQger.


Yokohama Ryuusei (TQ4/Hikari):
Also posts about what he does on set, his thoughts on snow, and occasionally his dog.

We also recently added the official Sentai blog, so look forward to posts from that!


If you’re interested, bookmark or follow Tokublogs on tumblr, or simply keep watching HJU! We’ll be posting weekly updates of Sentai posts every Thursday from now on to let everyone know what the cast is up to.


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