Beware of spoilers if you’re planning to pick the forbidden fruit!

Kaito gets his hands on the Lemon Energy Lock Seed and a Genesis driver and uses them to become Baron Lemon Energy Arms in order to exact revenge on the Overlord Invess. He says “I won’t lose anymore!” and in the corner, Gaim cheers him on with “You can do it, Baron!”


There’s a lot of info crammed into the other new scan and “it’s hard to keep the people around Kouta straight”, so let’s start at the top and circle clockwise to see how things are going to change.

Is the Yggdrasil Corporation really tied together by strong bonds? In a flashback, we see how Takatora tested prototype Lock Seeds in painful experiments and how they risked their lives to finish the Sengoku Driver. Takatora’s core team has been working hard to save humanity, but now it seems like Ryouma, Sid and Youko are all plotting something. What is their true objective?

In contrast, Takatora and Kouta have been hostile in the past, but now that they find themselves both wanting to save humanity from extinction, they reconcile. Learning from each other’s feelings, they shake hands and fight together against the Overlord Invess.

Ever since Mitsuzane learned the secret of Helheim, he’s been cooperating with Yggdrasil and making friends with Ryouma. It seems he has slowly come to hate Kouta, who continues to get in Yggdrasil’s way. He’s like a different person when he’s angry and we have to wonder, will they ever dance together again?

Searching for power, Kaito withdrew from Team Baron, thinking he could get it from Yggdrasil instead. Have his hands been tied or will Youko give him a new power so Baron and Marika can fight the Overlord Invess together?

Meanwhile, terrifying-as-usual Oren has been putting Jounouchi through quite the special hazing. Gridon’s doing his best and a super-intensive training-based friendship blooms!

Lastly, this girl(?) in the corner is a cast member; someone we all know?! The hint is that it’s someone on this page and the answer will be in the 4/13 Gaim broadcast.

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Thanks to ekala for translating.



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