With Sailor Moon Crystal’s premiere closing fast, we have a live MV and album version of Momoiro Clover Z singing the new OP song, “Moonlight Legend!” Hit the jump to check out the fresh video!


Then, from Mintymisu on Tumblr we have the album version of the song.

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  1. We know that MCZ will be singing the OP to Sailor Moon Crystal, and we know that MCZ has been singing their version of Moonlight Densetsu, but we do not know for sure at the moment that Moonlight Densetsu is going to be the OP of Sailor Moon Crystal. A new song cannot be ruled out at this point.

  2. Meh I’m still sorta annoyed and maybe a little mad that MCZ is doing the OP now, but I’m really hoping that this new series holds up to the original or completely beats it in my eyes. I guess we shall see at some point in July.

    1. as motoki said, there’s actually no indication this will be the opening. this band has been singing this version of the song for a while now, it’s just that.

  3. Also I’m going to nitpick here… “new OP song Moonlight Legend”…. wat? It’s the same song as from the original series just as sung by MCZ. There’s nothing new about it besides different voices than those of DALI or MoonLips.

  4. Yeah, not 100% certain on the fact that it’ll be the new OP, but we also know that this version was recorded “for the new anime series.”
    I’ll bet it’s similar to how new versions of Cruel Angel’s Thesis were made for, but not featured in End of Evangelion and the Rebuilds. Which is cool with me~

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