Gaim cast hangs with the TQgers, Yuta cooks for everyone (again), & Mahiro needs anime recommendations?


Sano Gaku (Kamen Rider Gaim/Kazuraba Kouta):
hanging with Junjun, playing in the snow with Yuta, showing off his ridiculous bedhead, getting Yuta to cook for everyone again


Kobayashi Yutaka (Kamen Rider Baron/Kumon Kaito):
how hanging with Gaku feels like they’re schoolmates, a favorite cake shop baking him a Baron Mango cake, his own delicious sandwich recipe


Takasugi Mahiro (Kamen Rider Ryugen/Kureshima Mitsuzane):

reading Bakumon and asking for manga/anime recommendations, revealing that Kubota Yuki can mimic the Energy Lock Seed voice and making weird faces 


Matsuda Ryo (Kamen Rider Gridon/Hideyasu Jounouchi) was hanging out with Gaku and Shida Yuumi (Takatsukasa Mai) has been having nightmares and massages !


Check out Ekala’s tokublogs tumblr for more cast thoughts, pics & silliness!



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  3. LOVE IT!!! Picture books only? I am a huge fan of food in books. Let me know if I can dredge up any others for you. Charise Harper's CUPCAKE pops to mind… Ooh – Do you know the Ella the Elephant books by the D'Amicos? Ella Takes the Cake has a nice cake in it. Kalman's are definitley the most luscious, though. Can't wait for your festival!!!

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