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Tokusatsu in present day has given birth to a number of what you may call `local unofficial heroes` to represent individual cities in Japan. These are for the most part unknown to the western world of fans. The one HJU was able to check out on site recently was Aviation Warrior Tokorozawan.

This has taken quite a boom in Japan. Saitama, the prefecture right above Japan`s heart city Tokyo, is home to various types of these heroes. HJU was recently present at an event for Tokorozawa hero `Aviation Warrior Tokorozawan`. The actor portraying this role is Yuta Matsuyama, former Vocal lead member of the once popular J-pop group called JULEPS. This brought many of the lady fans and their families to the event.

The Tokorozawan Story:

The Japanese vision to `want to fly in the sky` has given birth to the `hero of the skies`. He has seen forth the continued peace of Tokorozawa from beyond the blue sky ever since the first Airfield opened in this city 100 years ago. Out to confront adversity just as pilots were fluttered into the sky for the first time in Japan and with signature moves such as, “Flying Sky Hurricane“, “Tokorozawa jet stream“, New Hero Aviation Warrior Tokorozawan has been born.

For more info on ways you can support this and other `local heroes` check out the official home page; http://www.tokoroza-one.jp/

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