Jun Shison talks about his time as part of WES (Watanabe Entertainment School), working on Express Sentai ToQger, and even gives hopeful actors some advice!

Jun Shison is a member of an entertainment group under Watanabe Entertainment called D2. He is currently working in the 38th Super Sentai Series “Ressha Sentai ToQger”, portraying the main character, Raito, who transforms into TQ1.


Question: What made you aim for the world of entertainment?

Jun: It was actually strange for me, but I was called to be in entertainment productions and magazine shoots while walking in the street, so these things made me take interest!

Question: What did you feel after joining Watanatabe Entertainment School?

Jun: There were many things, even many irritations, around me! There were many chances of appearing on TV, so I thought it would be great if I would get to appear in something, and I felt like I could connect by working hard!

Question: What did you feel after joining Watanabe Entertainment and getting a job?

Jun:  A world with flowers is still a very tough world! There were many things that made me worry, and since there were many other talents, I wanted find a way to prove myself. Messages and cheering from the people working with me really made me feel good that I was doing this job!

Question: Tell us something about the shooting of Ressha Sentai ToQger.

Jun: One of the cast regulars, Tsutomu Sekine, who plays the role of Conductor, is a nice person. He always does impressions and makes the set a brighter place. It’s very fun shooting everyday!


Question: A word to the people who are aiming for the world of entertainment?

Jun: First, you need courage and confidence to face the audition! I thought that this world was strange, but life has really changed after the audition! Everyone will surely get a chance, so until that day, put in all your effort without neglecting anything and do your best! I am looking forward to the day when we can work together. ^^

Source: Interview by WES

Thanks to Ekala for editing!


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