The Toys Catalog of Ultraman Ginga S has been leaked online by Fujiya Hobby. These catalog scans reveal the Henshin and Power Up device of Ultraman Victory and Ultraman Ginga respectively.

Ultraman Victory’s transformation device is called Victory Lancer. The Victory Lancer also can be used in Gun Mode which can be used to summon the Ultra Kaiju. In order to summon Ultra Kaiju, Victory Lancer calls out “UltLive GO!”. Instead of transforming into Ultra Kaiju, Ultraman Victory can transform only his fist into the “Knuckle” of an Ultra Kaiju. His first Knuckle Change will be the EX Red King Knuckle.

In Ultraman Ginga S, Ultraman Ginga will be using the power up Brace given to him by Ultraman Taro. This Brace is called Storium Brace which can be used with Ginga Spark to transform into his new Ultraman Ginga Storium. This form allows him to take on a form similar to Ultraman Zero’s Ultimate Zero form.

The “S” in “Ultraman Ginga S” stands for Storium! 😀

(Source – Fujiya Hobby)


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