The Arms Change line continues down Kamen Rider Gaim’s long list of fruity Armored Riders and it’s just been announced that they’ll be taking a crack at the zesty Energy Rider Duke and Mister Walnut Man himself: Armored Rider Knuckle!

Unfortunately, Knuckle was given the designation “PB04” this means that he will be among the Arms Change figure that will only see release as a limited time item offered through the Premium Bandai store just like Bravo and Bujin Gaim before him. The pre order date and price weren’t disclosed in the above teaser image.


But don’t let this bit of news sour you, the good news is that Duke will be offered at mass retail. Number 12 in the Arms Change line, Duke will be released this September for 3000 yen.

The main body of the figure appears to be the same as the one used by Kamen Rider Baron of course new parts were added to keep Duke’s distinct look.

Need a middleman hookup for Knuckle? Don’t hesitate to call up our resident OkinawamToySeller for your hook up.


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