Joining the line up of colorful trains, a new pair of Ressha arrives on the Rainbow Line. All Aboard! SafaraiGaOh and Buildaioh along with new Sentai Legend Ressha have been revealed in the third quarter toy catalogs.

BuildDaioh is finally revealed with both the robot mode and combined Super ToqOh configuration. The base train mode is also massive, with a complete span of 840mm.


The 2nd mecha showcased is the SafaraiGaOh. Unlike Disel or Build, Safari is made up of five Ressha just like ToQoh but makes Safarai unique is the transformation into a massive lion mode. The BuildDaioh is scheduled to come out in July for 5500 yen, release details for SafaraiGaoh pending though BBTS has it slated also for a release in July.

But in addition to the two Mecha, we have four new Resshas themed after past Sentai teams! This time we’re getting:


A Gokai Galleon themed Ressha representing Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, it can combine with ToQoh replacing the standard head with one that resembles Gokaioh.


A Goseiger themed Ressha with Gosei Dragon making up the front of the train, and a Gosei Great head for combined mode.


A Shinkeger Resha with a train car representation of Shishi Origami and a Shinkenoh head.


And finally: Engine Sentai Go Onger gets a Ressha with a Speedor themed train car and Enginoh head.


SOURCE: Tokunation and Tokunation



  1. There are Kyoryuger and Go-Busters Ressha too, though they may be older than this article’s new ones.

    Hope they finish this line up. I don’t think all the series got batteries, did they?

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