Shabadobidabie Henshin! Kamen Rider Wizard is here to bring Hope to the world of S.I.C and with pre orders for the S.I.C Wizard Flame Style gearing to open any day now. It’s Show Time with Tamashi treating us to another look at this magical figure in motion via their official production gallery. 

S.I.C Kamen RIder Wizard Flame Style will be making his Grand debut this September with the cost of this figure being 6480 yen.

S.I.C’s own unique spin on the character gives him the ability to fuse with the Plamonsters. Below, you can see the fusion between Garuda and Flame Style:



  1. I gotta admit, as disappointing as it is that they aren’t taking advantage of Wizard’s actual design, doing cool stuff like this can work too I suppose.

    1. I have to disagree with that. I really don’t like Wizard’s original design. It’s way too bulky and tanky to be a “wizard”. If I were to be the designer, I’d make his powers look a little slimmer, and focus more on the speed and power strength.

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