Not Quite TMNT SparringThe guys at Epic Rival just dropped a killer fight/sparring video in homage to the always awesome TMNT franchise. We got the fight, cast, and crew so hit that link and see what its like to see the brothers throw down only minus the mutant and turtle part.

Brendon Huor – Leo
Xin Sarith Wuku – Raph
Jimmy Chhiu – Donny
Micah Karns – Mikey

Shot, Edited, Directed and Action Written by Christopher C. Cowan

Choreography by Brendon Huor

Haile Lee
Wes “Wuz Good” Armstrong
Vincent Dang
Mickey Facchinello

Special Thanks:
Aaron Toney
Master Ken Carr (provided custom made weapons) http://www.kcmas.com/
Master Simon Rhee (as the role of Master Splinter)

A special thanks and source goes to Epic Rival we hope to see more awesomeness from these talented film makers!
Their facebook can be found here: Epic Rival



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