Lilhevn コスプレ recently took a short break from creating cosplays to answer some questions about her latest, Rita Repulsa! (Photography by Lazy Cat Cosplay & Photography)

How long have you’ve been cosplaying and what’s the latest cosplay you’ve done?

I’ve been cosplaying for more than 10 years. My latest cosplay was Rita Repulsa from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers also known as Bandora from Zyuranger.

Why did you choose this cosplay?

Ever since I discovered cosplay, Rita has been one of my dream cosplays to work on. The reasons are the amount of work and detailing in her outfit, which is very elaborate. I love costumes like that.


How did you create this cosplay?

I used fabric paint for the hand-drawn details on the dress. For the neck piece I used craft foam with 3D puff paint for the detailing. I made the headpiece from scratch using packs of hair and pillow stuffing. Her staff was made out of expanding foam, paper mache and spackle.


What’s your favorite thing about cosplaying?

I enjoy feeling as if I were the character for the day. I also like connecting with people who have common interests and making new friends.

Do you have any advice for people just starting or thinking about starting cosplaying?

Cosplay is for everyone. It doesn’t matter what size, race or gender you are. You can cosplay anyone you want as long as it makes you happy and you have fun!


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