Lots of recently announced stuff was shown off at the Tamashi Nation Summer Collection 2014. In this write up, we cover the Rider Figuarts and SIC showcases.

While nothing new was announced in the way of Toku figuarts, we are treated to our first look at he finished Jimba Lemon sample.


This close up shot here confirms that the raiment parts will be swappable pieces to represent the four different Energy Lock Seeds while in use. Jimba Lemon Arms will be coming out September 2014 with a price of 4,560 yen.

Other products on display included lots of upcoming Gaim releases, including the Kurokage:


Hibiki Renewal in an epic diorama that recreates the forestry of the show:

And finally, S.I.C. Wizard Flame Style with a Very Nice Special display stand:

S.I.C Wizard



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