Let’s take another look at the amazing Robot Damashi Gundam/Kamen Rider mashups from Twitter!

Since the last update, Bettsu is hard at work with his builds utilizing the Gundam AGE 1 Spallow as the inner frame for a lot of his work. Just a minor disclaimer before we begin: what your about to see are custom works and in no way official licensed crossover products from Bandai. Unfortunately, the only way to get them is to create your own. HJU does not take credit for this work.


In the months after the last update, he’s completed Kachidoki Arms and Jimba Lemon along with posting more photos of some of his past builds.

The gallery of which can be seen below with group shots of: 

Titular Heisei Era kamen Riders from Decade, W, Fourze, Wizard, Kiva:

A complete line up of OOO’s forms utilizing the Gundam 00 Quanta as the base:

And another bunch of Kamen Rider Gaim riders with photos of Gridon and Kurokage from aquariG:

For those curious about the whole process, Bettsu was even kind enough to post rough work in progress photos of Kiva Emperor, Kabuto, Siguard, Baron Energy Arms Marika, and what assumably could be the basis for Duke. Through these photos, Bettsu utilizes a lot of impressive scratch building and detailing techniques:



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