ToQ6 has finally arrived and he’s about as strong as Raito is! He transforms using the Build Ressha and the Applichanger, a touch screen phone that slides to reveal rails to put Resshas on.


ToQ6’s special weapon is the Yuudou (Marshaling) Breaker, which glows red and can have the Drill Ressha set into it to perform a finisher.


ToQ6 joining powers up both the team and their mechs.


ToQ6 will first appear in episode 18 on June 22nd. His battlecry of “Is this where I die?” seems to come from his guilt over his backstory and his desire to continue fighting to protect the Rainbow Line until he meets his end.


Nijino Akira works on the rails of the Rainbow Line to keep the tracks safe. He was once a Shadow called Zaram with the ability to summon rain, but his heart was changed to the side of justice when he saw a beautiful rainbow. Akira became ToQ #6 to protect said rainbow, and when Raito and his friends hear this story, they come up with the name “Nijino Akira” for him, meaning “Rainbow Bright.”

Using the Applichanger to transform, Akira first holds the Build Ressha in his right hand, next puts the Ressha on the Applichanger’s rails, and then finally shouts “ToQ Change!”

And now it’s time for 25 facts about ToQ6!


1. ToQ6 opposes the emperor and, of course, as part of the ToQgers, he fights against the Shadow Line.

2. The transformation system was given to him by the conductor.

3. The conductor might be able to transform!? The new equipment is top-notch, so everyone wants to use it, including the conductor and Ticket.

4. The suit is very powerful, even more powerful than the ones used by Raito and his friends.

5. It’s a Build-type suit, meaning the suit doesn’t just fight, but can also build and maintain the railway as well.

6. It uses the Build Ressha.

7. His helmet is also a new type that is sturdier than the other helmets.


6 imaginations!

8. The smartphone-type Applichanger is a new way to ToQ Change!

9. The Applichanger doesn’t just transform – it has a camera, phone, email, calculator, and other stuff.

10. The Applichanger can gain new functions by downloading new apps!

11. Nijino Akira, the ex-Shadow Line member, will transform and fight for justice!

12. Akira regrets his past and seems to have mistaken fighting for looking for a place to die?!

13. He has an imagination to rival the other ToQ members and he can draw a mean picture of justice.


14. Just being a former Shadow Line member gives him an extra boost, meaning ToQ6 has more power than the other five.

15. He’s good at punching and has a rough style!

16. He’s got extraordinary stamina and can weather long battles.

17. The Kuros can’t stand up to him and he can take down 4-5 with one punch!

18. Even Schwarz is overwhelmed!

19. His combined attack with ToQ #1 is amazing and they’ll take your breath away!


20. The Yuudou Breaker guides the Ressha and they can follow it through dark areas safely.

21. The Yuudou Breaker knocks out evil!

22. Akira had the Yuudou Breaker from the beginning and it hides the power of the Shadow Line’s Drill Kuliner.

23. Set the Drill Ressha in it to power up!

24. The finisher is the powerful Drill Beam!

25. He’ll be dashing forward with all his might now!


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  1. hopefully he doesn’t slow down the firmware on that smartphone with mountains of porn. i mean really get stuck mid transformation cause pornhub needs to do an important update, that would probably be pretty embarrassing.

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