This summer’s movies introduce new fruit, new riders, new resshas and a new line!

The summer movie “Kamen Rider Gaim: The Great Soccer Playoffs! The Golden Fruit Cup!” will feature: Knuckle, Kurokage, Marika, Baron, Ryugen, Gaim, Gridon, Zangetsu Shin, Bravo and Kurokage Shin.

Several new riders will make an appearance, and you can check out our earlier post on Dark Gaim here.

Two mysterious apples will also take part in the summer movie: Kamuro Silver Arms is a strange boy named Lapis and Mars Golden Arms is the evil warrior Kougane, who wants to destroy this world and build his own. Kamuro means “crown” and the tiny furigana refers to a traditional hairstyle – could this rider have anything to do with the mysterious priestess?


Using the Black Orange Lockseed and the Black Lemon Energy Lockseed, Kouta transforms into Kamen Rider GaimYami – Black Jimber Arms.

Lapis, the strange boy who transforms into Kamuro using the Silver Apple Lock Seed, has an interest in soccer and becomes Kouta’s friend, but we still don’t know exactly what his powers are.

Peco, from Team Baron, gets a Genesis driver and the Pinecone Energy Lock Seed, allowing him to transform into Kurokage Shin!


Gaim will also be using the new Acorn Arms and Durian Arms to battle against Mars.


Kouta’s formidable enemy in this strange world is Mars, who transforms using the Golden Apple Lock Seed, which gives him the Sword Bringer and Apple Reflector weapons.


Kiwami will appear on horseback in the movie!


The ToQger part of the summer movie deals with the Safari Ressha, which comes from space! The Safari Ressha runs on the space route called The Galaxy Line, which only passes by the Earth once every 25 years! The five trains that comprise it are: Wildcat, Alligator, Lion, Eagle, and Panda, and the Galaxy Line’s conductor is Lady.

The enemy for the movie is Count Nile, the dark hunter, and his partner, Hound Shadow. Together, they are tracking the Safari Ressha, and if they capture it, all of space will be consumed by darkness!


ToQ6 plays a big part in the movie, rescuing the other five from a bad situation.

Apple Lock Seeds, Dark Kouta and a Safari from space?! Share your comments below on the craziness of the summer movies!


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