This year marks Kamen Rider Blade’s 10th Anniversary. To Celebrate this milestone, Premium Bandai will be re-releasing the Rouse Card Archives set with a few extra goodies included.

Included in this set we have the King Form Rouse Cards along with a booklet containing details from a 10th anniversary cast reunion, and a BOARD themed card binder to hold them all in.

Of course, the cards that came with the previous set are included, 191 in all.


But wait! There’s more: if you were amongst the lucky few that got in early, 15 of these will be randomly signed by the cast.

TURN UP and look forward to this release coming out in September 2014. The 10th Anniversary Rouse Card Archives set will retail for 12,960 yen.

[If Your Interested in a Set, Contact HJU’s Middle Man]



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