1. xero42
    June 19, 2014 @ 9:28 am

    why is DrIcera Purple?

  2. Santaskid
    June 20, 2014 @ 1:37 am

    I believe i read somewhere that there would be somewhere around 40 batteries. If we look at Kyoryuuger as a ref, 24 zyudenchi(including 00 i thin) plus V, X and the battery for mini tyra thats only 27 or so. thats 13 memories un accounted for. Perhaps just maybe, there will be 2 memories for the rangers. 1 with the ranger( as shown) and 1 with the dinosaur. I mean i do believe the Japanese toyline had multipel versions of the gabutyra battery so why not a morph battery and a Zord battery for the rangers.

    As for the Purple Dricera i think the common belief is they needed to get it molded and A- someone forgot to have some pink plastic mixed up, OR B- they just made an executive choice -we need a visual model for the expo, We can mix up some pink, or because we have some red and blue left over from Gabutyra and Stegotchi we can just mix those two and mold the dricera using them.

    I mean there is always a chance that perhaps the line will have a lavender and pink dricera(one could easily be sold along side the spinosaurus) This would allow for Dino Charge(samba) Pteraidenoh(western) Spinodaioh(Macho) Buragigas, AND Plezuoh(with bunpachy) to all be displayed at the same time witout having to buy doubles of anyting(the down side in my opinion to Megaforce)

    I mean with megaorce youbasically needed to buy 2 gosei greats + Gosei jet to display both Gosei wonder and gosei great megazords, but doing so left you with a spare dragon(and headers). A purple Dricera would illiminate extra stuff sitting around.

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