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Back in 2004 and the days of Japan Hero, I did a review of the (then) new Kamen Rider Blade game for Playstation 2.  What was the game like and what did I think? Read on to find out!


Kamen Rider Blade
By Rider Faiz
System: Playstation 2
Developer: Bandai



Take control of Kamen Riders Blade, Garren, Chalice, Leange, as well as many of the Undead in the fight to control the Earth. Do you have what it takes to seal the Undead again and fight your way to the top?


This game, like Kamen Rider 555 (released last year on the PS2), is a fighting game. And where as 555 felt a little stiff in the gameplay department, Blade strikes like lightening (excuse the pun).
With only one button to press to execute combo moves and another to use a Rouse Card, even someone who has never played a fighting game in their life, can pick up Blade and begin to seal Undead with the best of them.

Starting out, you have a choice of the three riders, Blade, Garren, and Chalice. Leangle is unlocked after finishing all three of the characters modes. You start out with basic Rouse Cards already in your inventory (pretty much what each character started out with in the series), and then you do battle with Undeads in your suit, sealing them after each fight and adding them to your Rouse Card Collection. Each card you add, gives you another power to use when fighting, and another finisher combo too (some of which are not even in the show!). Each character also has a desperation move. When your health gets low, you can summon your bike, jump into the air and attack your opponent.

But wait you ask, is there any way to block a desperation, or final move? Why yes there is! Before a desperation move or final move is done, you have a choice of pressing one of the X, Circle, Triangle, or Square buttons. Your opponent will then have to try and guess what you picked and press the same button (at least that’s as well as I understand it, not being able to read any Japanese). If you are successful, your desperation or final move will hit the target. If your opponent is successful, they will dodge out of the way.


From the beautiful full motion CGI opening to each character model during the gameplay, this game looks good. Sure it might not look as perfect as most big budget games out today, but Blade looks as close to the show as you can get. Also, just like in the 555 game, the backgrounds areas are still photos taken from the real places. So it feels like you’re fighting in the exact same locations as the show! Sounds and music are also taken straight from the series.

Game Modes
First mode you do is Seal Mode. Starting with either Blade, Garren, or Chalice, this game mode does EXACTLY what it sounds like. You fight your way though seven opponents, sealing the Undead along the way.

The next mode is Free Battle Mode. This is where you can pick any character, Rider or Undead, that you have unlocked and fight another character (of your choosing) in a 3 round contest. And that’s all there is to it.

Up next is 1P Mode. Again, picking any character, the computer will pick your opponent, you have unlocked you play though a single player contest, fighting 5 battles.

Then there is 2P Mode. This is straight up fighting between you and a friend. Each person picks a character and then have at it in a 3 round contest.

The next mode is called Zoom de Bingo. After every fight you have had, you earn points that you can then spend playing this game trying to earn bonus pictures (scenes from the show and such). Not being able to speak Japanese is a hindrance in this mode though, because the best I can tell, you are asked a question, and then have to choose from one of five character pictures (on the left hand side of the screen). For every right answer, some more points are awarded as well as a picture. For every wrong answer though, points are taken away.

The Mode after Bingo is Gallery. And this mode is exactly what it sounds like. It’s where you can see all the Rouse Cards (sealed Undead and common cards from the toys) and any pictures you have unlocked playing Bingo.

The final two Modes are Options and the End Credits (unlocked after you unlock Leangle, and beat his Seal Mode).



After playing this game for a few hours I can say, while not overly hard, this game is a LOT of fun. Especially if you are a big fan of Blade. With the ability to use special attacks at any point in the game play, using different Rouse Card combos to preform final moves (some that are not in the show), and unlockable characters, Kamen Rider Blade is a game that every fan of the series should own.

So grab your Buckle, your Change Ace card, shout “HENSHIN and Turn Up, Open Up, or Change into a Kamen Rider and fight for humanity.




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