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Curious to know which cast members will be singing tunes for ToQger?

Hiramaki Jin revealed in a recent blog┬ápost that there’s going to be a CD of ToQger character vocals!

Release date: August 13th
Name: Express Sentai ToQger Character Songs Rainbow Line
Price: 2800 yen
Check out the official Columbia page!

Track Listing:

Track 1: Choo Choo WAGON (sung by Horie Yui, Wagon’s VA)
Track 2: Express Sentai ToQger (the normal theme, sung by Ise Daiki)
Track 3: Towards the Blue Lens (sung by Hiramaki Jin, Tokacchi’s actor)
Track 4: Green Anchor (sung by Yokohama Ryuusei, Hikari’s actor)
Track 5: Title not yet decided (sung by Riria, Mio’s actress)
Track 6: I’m singing a song~, I’m singing a song~ (sung by Yamaguchi Kappei, Ticket’s VA)
Track 7: I saw the light (sung by Shison Jun, Raito’s actor)
Track 8: A Difficult Orange Kind of Guy (sung by Nagahama Shin, Akira’s actor)
Track 9: Arrived! Turning into (heartmark) GIRL (sung by Moritaka Ai, Kagura’s actress)
Track 10: Zoom zoom! Tokkyuger (the normal ending, sung by Project.R)


Sorry there’s no villain tracks? Share your thoughts below!





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