At New York Toy Fair, Bandai of America unveiled their spin on the Skylanders gimmick with the Power Rangers Hero Port game.

Much like Skylanders, the figurines themselves utilizes RFID chips placing the figure on the port will unlock various games to play. According to RangerCrew blog the Hero Port game itself will include Super Megaforce Red and Blue Ranger already allowing for 6 levels and 18 missions in total. Of course, additional figures can be bought in two packs, amongst the first wave will be a Super Megaforce Silver and Yellow set along side a Green and Pink ranger set. Each set is priced at $10 according to the listings from amazon.uk.

The interesting thing? Unlike say Kamen Rider Summonride, the games will be built inside the control itself and will not require a major gaming platform to run.

Currently no word on a release date as of yet, we’ll bring more updates as it’s made available.

SOURCE: Rangercrew, Power Rangers Hero Portal Game



  1. So it’s just gonna be a plug-in game, not a full blown one? If so, that’s disappointing. With 20 years worth of Rangers, they could make a ton of bank just by outright copying Skylanders and have a bunch of characters you can buy and place into some kind of epic exclusive story line where all the rangers must combine their powers to defeat some kind of great evil. What I read and see here seems really half-assed and not taken seriously. But not a lot of info, so maybe I’m wrong

  2. The figures look just as cheap as the ones the iPhone Power Rangers Skylanders already has, and the “console” looks pretty bad too.

    This is just lazy all around.

  3. back when i was a kid I had a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers cake it had six figurines. Those toys that went on a cake are better painted and sculpted then these things and that’s just sad.. The “Game” will probably show just that much effort as well.

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