kiwami arms debut

Will the opening scene of Gaim be truly prophetic? SPOILERS for the final episodes of Gaim below!

8/31, ep 43: Mitsuzane, in order to defeat Kouta, exchanges his life for power. Mai sadly watches their deadly battle in a dream while Ryouma operates on her.

9/7, ep 44: Kaito and Yoko, having exchanged words with Sagara, choose a future.

9/14, ep 45: Zack sets a trap for Kaito, but…

9/21, ep 46: Betting their lives and beliefs, Kouta and Kaito finally face off.

9/28, final episode: After so many tragedies, Zawame is slowly rebuilding, however…


Do you think our two main riders are standing together or against each other in that last scene? Tell us all your thoughts in the comments below!


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