Excited for Legacy Titanus? A plethora of new photos have surfaced. We need Ultrazord Power NOW!

Our first in hand gallery comes straight out of Bandai UK’s facebook page whom posted photos of an early production sample. Not only that, but we’re treated to a look at the packaging for the very first time and is shown complete in Ultrazord mode combined of course with the previously released Dragon Zord and Megazord.


In addition, Rangercrew released new press gallery showcasing the figure’s articulate ball jointed neck. According to the product listing, Titanus will also feature a highly detailed, show accurate design along with metalic paint, die parts and will weight about five pounds.


At $200, Titanus is certainly the most expensive figure released thus far in the Legacy line. The figure is scheduled to come out October 29th 2014, though that date is tentative and could change.

SOURCE: Tokunation Legacy Titanus Images From Bandai UK article and Ranger Crew’s Legacy Titanus page



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