Gaze through the eyes of the Destroyer, a Complete Selection Modification DecaDriver is coming!


Further information regarding this piece is TBA, but following the trend of recent Complete Selection items, there’s a strong possibility that the belt will only be available for a limited time via Premium Bandai. At the very least, we know that this new take on the DecaDriver should at least include show accurate prints of the Kamen Ride cards.

We’ll bring more info on this item as it becomes available.

SOURCE: Tokunation



  1. LOT of possibilities and wishes attached to this one. Will it be compatible with the old Ganbaride cards, or are we going prop-accurate card size? Will the Showa Riders have cards? Can we look forward to a Blade / Ryuki-style complete card library being printed (with extra movie-related cards and whatnot), and will *they* be compatible with the CS Driver, maybe with some newly-recorded sounds? What about a Complete Selection K-Touch?

    And heck, if it sells, how about a Complete Selection DiEnd Driver that has a full-featured soundbank and card scanner this time?

    Yes, it would be expensive. But if they promised to actually do it *right* I’d easily drop a few hundred dollars for this. Please. O_O;

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