Another figure joins Tamashi Nations 2014’s exclusive lineup. Appropriately, it’s S.I.C TaMaShi Combo.

TaMaShi combo originates from the Let’s Go Kamen Rider movie, the form is created from the Taka, Momotaros, and Shocker medals. Tamashi Combo bears the signature hyper stylized and realistic look of the line, but the most notable change are the shoulders, for comparsion we whave the S.H.Figuarts figure.

Compared to the default suit design, they are much more massive and redesigned fittingly to resemble Tamashi Nation’s own brand logo.

For those planning to attend the event, S.I.C TaMaShi combo will be sold at 6,500 yen but for the rest of us don’t fret: in the past, Tamashi Nations exclusives usually end up on the Tamashi Web store after the event.

SOURCE: Tamashi Nation’s S.I.C TaMaShi Combo Gallery



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