Recently the streaming service crunchyroll announced it will be airing the tokusatsu series Ultraman Max.


Originally airing in 2005 Ultlraman Max, despite hailing from Nebula M-78, was a standalone series that didn’t directly tie into the original Showa era of shows, but there was at least one episode that was a loose sequel to an Ultraseven episode were it featured the exact same creature from the episodes and mentioning it’s previous defeat.


The show follows Touma Kaito, the human that bonds with Max, as he joins the standard highly specialized defense team, named DASH in this series, as they encounter new threats and updated kaijus, or monsters, shown in previous series.. The series also featured Susumu Kurobe and Hiroko Sakurai who played Hayata and Fuji in the original Ultraman respectively.


Crunchyroll is an online streaming service. Generally viewing is free with the browser or platform of your choice. But just know that some shows can only be seen if you pay a monthly fee, and some have to be subscribed to. Nothing I have seen so far has said which category Max will fall under.


Either way Ultraman Max starts on October 14th. And this would be the first time an Ultra series had been shown on such a platform since Netflix temporarily streamed Ultraman Great/ Toward the Future.

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