Premium Bandai finally opens the pre order page for the much anticipated CMS DecaDriver, and with it new details have emerged.


Contradictory to the initial reports, the DecaDriver will include a selection of cards on it’s own. The cards included in the belt will cover everything that was used in the TV show and movie: all of his Kamen Ride, Attack Ride, and even Final Form Ride cards.Each card will be printed in English and in a special video subbed IN ENGLISH features Masahiro Inoue and Mark Okita(seen above) confirms that the belt will have brand new recorded lines to accommodate these new cards. Of course, each card will be show accurate, the list is as follows:

Kamen Ride:

  • Kuuga through Kiva
  • Attack Ride:
  • Slash
  • Blast
  • Auto Vaijin
  • Ongekibo Rekka
  • Strike Vent
  • Clock Up
  • Ore Sanjou

Final Form Ride:

  • All Rider

In addition to that, there’s a separate pre order page for the CSM Ride Cards, the massive list for that is as follows:

  • Each and every Ultimate form from Decade Complete to Kiva Emperor
  • Showa Rider cards from Rider 1 to J
  • Kamen Rider Skull’s card from Movie War
  • Blank Rider cards from Kuuga to Kiva

Attack Ride:


  • Advent
  • Side Basher
  • Mach
  • Metal
  • Onigi
  • The Imagine catch phrases
  • Final Attack Rides: 
Kuuga-Kiva and Amazon

Alternate forms for:

Kuuga Titan, Dragon, Pegasus
  • Agito Storm and Trinity
  • Faiz Axel
  • Den-O Rod Form to Wing Form
  • Kiva Garulu to Basha
  • Final Attack Ride W and
  • Jumbo Decade

Pre order both the cards and belt and you’ll get the Final Attack Ride Diend cards, in addition to Moose Fangire and Eagle Undead from the Shinkeger crossover. As for the belt, the device itself will feature premium materials in construction and a button located on the bottom of the belt will play two tracks heard on the show, the tracks are Parallel World and Decade. The CSM DecaDriver will retail for 12,960 yen while the Cards will cost 7,560 yen which will include a Cardass binder for storage. Pre orders will run from October 24th till January 6th and will the belt will ship sometime February.

Overseas Rider fans can get their belt fix from the board’s middleman Okinawamtoyseller!



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