Movie Taisen Full Throttle
Kamen Rider Gaim and Drive: Movie Taisen Full Throttle held it’s first Press Conference, and Henshin Justice Unlimited was on hand to get all the details. Hit the jump for more information on the movie, and exclusive photos of the event! Be warned, there are SPOILERS!

“Gaim and Drive’s stage is about to begin!” Sano yelled in excitement as cast members from both Gaim and Drive made their way on stage to the warm welcome from hundreds of fans.

“It’s truly an honor having been given the opportunity to be a part of a film with Sempai Riders. This is the first film in the Drive series. My heart is just pounding waiting for the actual release. I believe this has turned out to be an awesome film!”-Takeuchi

The first highlight of the Movie Taisen Full Throttle Press Conference was the appearance of the actor behind the new Kamen Rider Maha, Yuu Inaba. The crowd was ecstatic has he entered, saying “I’ve never been so nervous in my life. Thanks for such a warm welcome, I’m really happy!”
Movie Taisen Full Throttle
Inaba’s character, Shijimi Go, is Officer Shijima Kiriko’s younger brother, with an interesting personality. After graduating from High School, he pursued a career as a Freelance Cameraman in the United States, and has recently returned to Japan.
“With my character, I hope to add on more fun and flavor to the already interesting Drive,” Inaba said.

Kamen Rider Maha makes several brief appearances in this film and will make his Television debut in Episode 12 of Kamen Rider Drive, scheduled to air on Dec 28th, 2014.

“I have come to steal the main character title from these two!” Ayabe playfully shouted to Sano and Takeuchi as he made his appearance. “There have been other comedians in the past having played villains and such, however, as the first to score a leading role as a Kamen Rider, it’s truly an honor.”

Movie Taisen Full Throttle
Another highlight of the event came from the appearance of popular Japanese comedian, Yuuji Ayabe, whom plays Kamen Rider Lupin in the film.

Including Ryoma Takeuchi, who plays Shinosuke (Kamen Rider Drive), a total of 13 members of the cast made their stage appearance.

Check out an exclusive gallery of photos from the event below!

What do you think of the event, and the movie so far? Will you be watching Movie Taisen Full Throttle when it releases? Let us know in the comments and forums, and keep it here for the latest Tokusatsu news!



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