Movie Taisen Full ThrottleThe recent Press Conference for Movie Taisen Full Throttle had available a brochure with plot details, and Henshin Justice Unlimited had a team member on hand to get all the details! Hit the jump for more, but be warned, there are spoilers!

Movie Taisen Full Throttle, much like previous Movie Taisen films, is divided into three parts; one part for each Rider’s individual story, and a third part, where the stories cross over.

Part 1: Kamen Rider Gaim – Advance to the Last Stage

After saving humanity from extinction, Kota and Mai set off to create a new world. However, time has passed and new life forms have come into existence. The unexpected occured, and an evil life form, Mega Hex (メガヘクス)showed up and showed no mercy, gradually taking control of the ‘new world’ and making his way to Earth. Kota attempted to follow only to lose his life!? Really?

Meanwhile, on Earth, the ones left who possess Sengoku Drivers stand up to fight. Surprisingly, Sengoku Ryoma shows up to reveal having stronger powers at hand, but how? Why? Do Michi and his brother have what it takes to stop him? Have Kota and Mai been eliminated for good?

Part 2: Kamen Rider Drive – Lupin’s Challenge

Movie Taisen Full Throttle
Phantom Thief Ultimate Lupin (怪盗アルティメット・ルパン) appears and with special powers brings the Special Police Force down to their knees.  Having acquired the body of ‘Roimude Cyberloid ZZZ’ (ロイミュードサイバロイドZZZ), Lupin is out and has one goal. That is to destroy Kamen Rider Drive and become the only Hero. He transforms into Kamen Rider Lupin and sets off to shut down Kamen Rider Drive’s source of power, his Belt,  and succeeds. Shinosuke won’t be able to henshin again!? 

This case has just gotten extreme! Will the Special Police and Shinosuke have what it take to stop this lunatic Lupin in his tracks?

Part 3: Movie Taisen – Full Throttle

Movie Taisen Full Throttle
Mega Hex (メガヘクス)combines bodies with Cyberloid ZZZ (ロイミュードサイバロイドZZZ) to become ZZZ Mega Hex (メガヘクス). Shinosuke follows this new creature only to join forces with the Armored Riders. ZZZ MegaHex upgrades to a new form and a mega battle ensues. Not only on earth, but off into space! Detective Rider and Fruit Rider share and exchange powers. Will this be enough to stop this evil?

The countdown to Movie Taisen Full Throttle heats up, but are you excited for it? Will you be watching? Let us know in the comments and forums, and be sure to keep it here for the latest in Tokusatsu news!

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