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Power Rangers Dino Charge is finally here! And because the fans demanded it, we now have the rise of a new creative force behind the show! Click on to check out the first episode and make sure to let Team Dino Charge know below what you liked, what you didn’t like, what they’re doing better and what the could do better.

Unleash the Power!

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  1. Here is what I have been sayin they took from Japan and married it with the US some people will notice some sentai stuff and what they have the characters going but over all they are making the show their own. I like how they accidentally Morphed. It shows they don’t know what is going on at first. I can deal with that. Keeper is interesting though I would love to see the Sentai Torin show up. who knows. The show has a lot of potential can not wait for episode 2

  2. I liked it. I mean, I REALLY liked it. This is easily the best episode of Power Rangers the New Saban Era has produced! For the first time in 4 years this finally feels like Power Rangers.

    I liked how they focused more on the Rangers outside of the suits! I really liked that we got to see their personalities BEFORE they got the powers. I really enjoyed them fighting without the suits first.

    I enjoyed the humor, dialog and the fighting scenes.

    I’m also enjoying the process of the Rangers getting their powers. I’m glad they didn’t just get all the power and vehicles all at once.

    I’m happy we got to see more of the place the Rangers will be protecting. The shots of simply driving around bring a lot to the show

    I appreciate the story and plot being different from the Japanese version. the villains look and act like villains. It feels like the earth is in danger.

    My ONLY gripe is I wish there were maybe some civilian characters like a Bulk, Skull and Ernie.

    This was a GREAT first episode I’m so happy Saban chose to listen to the fans and get Power Rangers back on the right track. I cannot wait for more episodes!

  3. Dino Charge kicks ass!! It is going great so far. Big improvement over the past 4 seasons.
    There’s no cast shouting their names in the intro. There was elements of past Power Rangers seasons mixed with Star Wars. It kinda rewrote history as to how the dinosaurs went extinct. The current Rangers (plus Ms. Morgan) lived up to their described personalities. Was cool to see the T-Rex Zord chomp on the abdominal snow monster.
    Can’t wait to see what happens next!!

  4. I loved this first episode! I haven’t been this excited about a power rangers season in years! From the opening theme song (which gave me chills) to they way it started to establish the characters and their motivations, I can see myself really enjoying this season. Great job guys! keep up the good work!

  5. ok ok, im a big saban hater but even i have to admit this was the best first episode they ever made, new theme song finally! the acting wasnt great but better then super megacrap, ORIGINAL FOOTAGE!!! and a really cute pink ranger (who needs the acting lessons) over all not better then its sentai father (just yet) but a better show then all the other crap saban has made, well done. i might actually watch this show from now on until it starts getting bad.

  6. WOW! Nash and I just watched the first episode of Power Rangers Dino Charge it was the best Power Rangers EVER!!! We already got the Megazord where going to collect every single Dino Charge toy. This is the most excited I’ve been for Power Rangers since I was a child. So my son and I are both into it and this really really brought me back. It had a quality I’ve never seen Power Rangers have but kept that Power Rangers aura to it. We cant wait for the next episode!!!

  7. I feel this is the best first episode since Power Rangers RPM. It’s obvious, right from the start, that there’s a new creative direction behind this season, and I really appreciate it. I feel Power Rangers has the most charm when it is putting a new spin on the Super Sentai source season. I love this original spin on the Deboss Legion. I also love that there is build up to the Rangers finding their powers and becoming a team. The intrigue has me excitedly waiting for the next episode.

    The only criticism I would have is that I kinda wish there wasn’t an intro video this episode. Maybe the intro song could have just played with some rolling credits while Travis and Shelby fought the monster in the forest. I just think it takes away some suspense of who the main Rangers will be, but that’s my personal taste. All in all, I hope this great work is kept up, because I really excited to see this season play out.

  8. Sorry I was having issues posting. It was one epsoides they going to have counter parts of the japen version and some ghost buster of that.

    Now I think people are missing the point with megaforce I enjoy it and like it it felt like it went back to might morphn goesi like zordon that what I like. and I don’t think samrui and or meagfroce were that bad. remineder these shows are made for kids not adults. though its fun to be nerd. Now one thing I really dislike and hope it does get fix is the keeper mouth doesn’t move when he talks its out of synch when he speaks. that not to say I didn’t like it but one show doesn’t defined a series of two season split up. Another thing I like is the ship look a bit like zed/zordon place

  9. I thought it was a really solid premiere. Like some people said, it seems like there’s a nice blend of some Kyoryuger elements with the plot, but it feels VERY much like an original show. The characters all seem fun so far (though not seeing Green at all was kinda weird). Having them all work at a museum is a great touch too. The first morph and fight were fun, I like the idea of just starting out with Red and Pink. Overall I’m excited for this season and will definitely keep up with it.

  10. Honestly, I enjoyed it, but it felt incomplete, due to the fact that this was obviously a part one. It was a good wind up, now I’m waiting to see the pitch.

    I still don’t like the designs of Sledge and Keeper. Sledge looks like an overweight Piranhatron from Power Rangers Turbo and looks very out of place with the villain suits from the Japanese source, and Keeper looks like the shameful product of an alcohol fueled night between ET and Lerigot, also from Power Ranger Turbo.

    I will say I LOVED Poisandra.

  11. FINALLY!!!!

    A definitely significant improvement over the previously chaotic 2 series.

    Though I miss the semi-electronic rock & roll background music that went along with the pace of the scenes. Ninja Storm & RPM are good examples.

    Also PLEASE!!! Let it be 1 SEASON ONLY.
    No hiatus.

  12. I really enjoy the first episode. After a few season, i think this is the power rangers i’ve waiting for. Fresh and back to power rangers track. Hope it will be better and better for the next episode.

  13. good news power rangers dino charge is back for new episodes starting saturday august 29 on nick im gonna look at it to see the debut of power ranger gold plus kendall will be power ranger purple to rescue keeper then power ranger graphie plus there are three more power rangers like talon silver aqua with new episodes then special like halloween and christmas of the power rangers dino charge plus a preview of power rangers dino supercharge coming february 2016 on nick im ready for august

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