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We’re back and just in time to be topical… not really. Sorry about the wait. Life’s been mad busy for all of the podcasters, but we were able to find some time to pull a few of us together to weigh in on the controversial POWER/RANGERS by Joseph Kahn of TORQUE fame.

Click it on up, enjoy and I’ll keep trying to wrangle your favorite podcast heroes into doing that Kamen Rider Drive review that’s long over due.

Thanks for the download.

[Warning: The first hour of this podcast has REALLY bad audio. I had an accident with my audio annnd… not sure what’s up with Matt’s. Sorry about that. After that it gets much better. Apologies.. we’ll get it right for the Kamen Rider Drive podcast.]

Cyperpunk Rangers:
Keith Justice
Matt Frank

Special thanks to Michelle Black! for this episode’s graphic and the kickass graphic you’ll see on your mp3 player while you play this episode.

Special thanks to forum member Jon Fuu [Soundcloud] [YouTube]. Without his post-production work, there would be no show.

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  1. Oh man… I lost my audio at the start it looks like. Yeah, that audio for me is reeeaaally bad, but it gets better after that in the geek section where we talk about Metal Heroes and all manner of fun. Sorry about the crappy audio for the P/R discussion. >__<

  2. Hey, cool to see a new episode, but what’s going on with most of the old ones? I was going to show some of them to a friend, and most of them don’t work.

  3. Have to agree with you guys. Everyone wants this guy to direct the reboot but I think someone with appreciation for the medium of tokusatsu should do it. The climactic battle shouldn’t be two dudes in trenchcoats fighting with future swords.

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