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Saban Brands announced yesterday through press release that the second season of the Power Rangers: Dino Charge show has been confirmed as “Power Rangers: Dino Super Charge!” Featuring the return of the Rangers from Season One, the story continues as the Rangers work to unite the 10 Energems, with new gear, vehicles and Zords! Hit the jump for the press release!


Los Angeles, CA (June 8, 2015) – Saban Brands today announced Saban’s Power Rangers Dino Super Charge as the title of the upcoming season of the Power Rangers television series, which will premiere on Nickelodeon in early 2016. This super-charged season will follow the Power Rangers as they continue their quest to unite all 10 Energems by tapping into brand-new battle gear, Zords and Megazords to save the universe. Additionally, for the first time in franchise history, there will be 10 Power Rangers on the same team. Power Rangers Dino Super Charge will also continue to spotlight the series’ core themes of friendship, teamwork, responsibility and helping others for fans of all ages.
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“With the current season, Power Rangers Dino Charge, we’ve already seen an overwhelming response and it very quickly became a huge success, as fans were excited for the return of the popular dinosaur theme for the first time in more than 10 years,” said Elie Dekel, President of Saban Brands. “With Power Rangers Dino Super Charge, the new season will still feature the same amazing team of Power Rangers, but will be super-charged with history-making twists and turns and, of course, epic new villains, Zords and Megazords, making this one of the best seasons yet!”

Fans can watch the current season, Saban’s Power Rangers Dino Charge on Nickelodeon every Saturday at 12 p.m. (ET/PT). All-new episodes of Power Rangers Dino Charge will return this August on Nickelodeon. For more information on Power Rangers, please visit www.powerrangers.com and follow the brand on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and YouTube.

What do you think of Dino Charge so far? Will you be watching Dino Super Charge? What do you want to see in the show? Let us know in the comments and forums, and be sure to keep it here for the latest in Tokusatsu news!



  1. This is only the first time the SuperSentai franchise has had 10 rangers on the team. The Power Rangers Franchise had a 10 ranger team with Jungle Fury.

  2. So extra heroes don’t count as Rangers, or are they not counted as rangers because unlike their Sentai counterparts they Never got Ranger keys and didn’t fight in the legends war?

  3. i got a great idea for the next power rangers saga its will be call power rangers ninja stars after power rangers dino super charge by 2017 saban brand will develop another ninja power rangers sequel its like ninja storm and jungle fury but this one is different saban brand will find new casts and new villians and new morphers new episodes and then super ninja stars in 2018 please saban brands make more power rangers series and air it on nickelodeon power rangers lives forever

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