Power Pin Up
Ever wanted to have the ladies of Power Rangers on your wall? A brand new calendar featuring some of the ladies of the franchise is now available! Hit the jump for more!

The 2016 Power Pin Up Calendar is produced by Secret Sky Productions, started by Steven Skyler, whom played Antonio, the Gold Samurai Ranger in Power Rangers Samurai. The project was led by Wild Force Yellow Ranger, Alyson Kiperman, whom, through Erin Cahill of Time Force fame, was able to collect several of the best known ladies of the franchise for a unique 12-Month shoot.

Done in the style of classic Pin Up art, the calendar features Alison Macinnis (Lightspeed Pink) , Erin Cahill (Time Force Pink), Alyson Kiperman, Karan Ashley (MMPR Yellow) , Catherine Sutherland (MMPR Pink), Deborah Philips (TF Yellow), Ciara Hanna (Megaforce Yellow), Anna Hutchinson (Jungle Fury Yellow), and Nakia Burisse (Zeo/Turbo Yellow).

Quantities are limited, so visit the Power Pin Ups website now and order yours!


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