Need a little help finding that certain something for someone this holiday season? Never fear! HJU has you covered, with our Holiday Gift Guide! Suggestions for all sorts of people abound, so hit the jump for more!

The latest offerings for Toku fans are awesome. With Kamen Rider Ghost in full swing, and NinNinger reaching a climax, as well as new Ultraman and even new offerings from the king of the monsters, there’s no shortage of options!

Is the person you have in mind a fan of all sorts of Toku? Why not check out this Oversized 2016 Wall Calendar, featuring all of 2015’s heroes?

The calendar is 14.5″ by 21.5″, and is available at Japan Hero Collectibles.

Want something cool for a fan of Ghost? Why not their favorite form’s Eyecon? Japan Hero Collectibles has a great selection of Gashapon Eyecons available, and even takes preorders on upcoming sets. Why not give them a try?

Want to get something a bit bigger? CS Toys International has a wide selection of DX items, including the DX Ghost Driver!
Pick one up at CS Toys International!

Got a fan of Kaiju? It doesn’t get much better than Ultraman and Godzilla!
For the Ultra fan, try the Ultra Act series of collectible figures!
Quality, affordable figures are in reach, thanks to Ultra Act! There’s tons available, and they happen to be on sale right now at CS Toys! Check out all sorts of great Ultraman gear at CS Toys!
More into the monsters? Check out the series’ popular Spark Doll line!Holiday
They interact with many parts of the toy line, and are super fun to collect! You can pick yours up from CS Toys!
For fans of Big G, I highly recommend the SH Monster Arts line from Bandai!
Everything you’d expect from the popular SH line of figures is present in the Monster Arts line. CS Toys has many available, so find what fits your giftee!

Looking for something for the gamer in your life? Never fear! There’s plenty of great options in games for the toku fan, and non-fan, alike!

For the fan, why not more of a classic; Godzilla: The Game!
All of the city stomping, monster blasting, roaring fun you’d expect from a Godzilla film, but you get to call the shots! Check it out on Amazon!

For the anime fan, why not check out J-Stars Victory!
A Three-on-Three arena fighter, J-Stars is tons of fun, packed to bursting with all of your favorite Shonen Jump characters of yesterday and today, and available in multiple formats! Check it out on Amazon!

For the adventurous type, why not try Rise of the Tomb Raider?
It’s the latest in the rebooted Tomb Raider series, and on a personal note, is one of the most underrated games of 2015, and for once, IGN agrees with me.

Also, a bit out of left field, but I also highly recommend the PSTV.
It’s basically a PS Vita you connect to your TV, and at it’s low price point, it’s not only a great way to play the Vita’s great library of games, but also a fantastic player of PSN Games! Amazon has them for well below MSRP, and it’s completely worth it.

Got any other suggestions? Feel free to leave them in the comments!

We hope this gift guide gave you some ideas for this holiday season. Let us know in the comments if it did!


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