Pre-orders for the DX Amazons Driver Set from the Kamen Rider Amazons web series are now open at the Premium Bandai shop.

The set comes with the Amazons Driver, the Amazons Register (the GiGi Armlet-like item), an extension belt for the Amazons Register, and Amazon Blade parts. This belt has an interesting gimmick of changing the position of the face plate to transform into either Amazon Omega or Amazon Alpha.

Transforming into Amazon Omega requires you to have the eyes in the buckle in a V position. Pressing the level will activate red lights and a unique sound. To transform into Amazon Alpha, the eyes of the buckle should be switched into a reverse V position. Pressing the level in this mode will activate green lights and a unique sound.

Finally, you can remove the left lever and attach the extra Amazon Blade part to form Amazon Omega’s weapon. Pre-orders for this web exclusive set will end on May 31st. This set cost 8,100 yen and it will be released in August.

[Source: Orends: Range]



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