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The Premium Bandai shop opened pre-orders for the Complete Selection Modification Faiz Gear from the Kamen Rider 555 TV series.

This set comes with the Mission Memory, Faiz Phone, the belt buckle, Faiz Pointer, Faiz Shot, a holder for the Faiz Shot, Faiz Pointer, a leg holder for the Faiz Pointer, Faiz Phone attachments, side buckle, and a belt stop.

This show accurate representation of Smart Brain’s Faiz Gear gets an update for its CSM version as it now utilizes wireless technology for its Faiz Phone, Faiz Pointer, and Faiz Shot connectivity; and of course, comes with upgraded LED lights and a show accurate belt buckle.

This Premium Bandai exclusive item cost 30,240 yen and is set for a September release. But if you only prefer just the Faiz Driver, Premium Bandai will also release that version as well. The Complete Selection Modifaction Faiz Driver only comes with the Faiz Phone, belt buckle, and Mission Memory and it only cost 17,280 yen, and will be available in November.

[via Orends: Range]


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