Having different options is great. It means things will always be different and you will have multiple solutions to a single problem. Whether it’s the ten Rangers in Dino Charge, Ninininger’s array of mechs or Kamen Rider Ghost’s many, many forms, you always want there to be plenty of diversity.

With the advent of online functionality, you need to have many possibilities in games. When playing amongst so many other people, you can’t be similar from a gameplay or aesthetic point of view, so customisation and options are vital. This became prominent with such things as MMOs, where you can carefully fine tune your character’s appearance, skills, items and more. Different styles enable you make the game less restrictive and right for you. Mortal Kombat X for example allows you to choose from different forms of each character, so you can play the one that matches your preferred gameplay. The online PvP of the Dark Souls series lets people come up with gimmicky builds. If an invader combines different items and abilities for an unorthodox style, you won’t know what you’re up against, so customisation can be used for advantages in gameplay.

No game emphasises this as much as Minecraft. Complete customisation means no two players will have the same character, world, adventures and materials, so you are always unique. You can make huge intricate structures or you can focus on crafting a whole town. You can come up with an original design or make a construct based on something you like, it’s all up to you. Being able to customise the world, such as altering sea levels, what can and can’t be built, what items, landscapes and land-types can be found, and even fine tune details such as sound levels and depth, means you will always have a different gameplay experience. As you can travel to other player’s worlds, you get new things to do and see, something that wouldn’t be possible in an offline game.

Ultra Street Fighter IV boasts a roster of over forty characters, so you are never lost for options. Combined with being able to choose from several Ultra moves, multiple costumes in multiple colours, as well as taunts and win quotes for each fighter, you can really make a character your own. Your play style will always be unique too, because even if certain characters gravitate towards a certain strategy, you can be more aggressive or defensive, save meter for later or use it quickly, focus on a ground game or take to the skies for more risky and powerful attacks. Version Select enables you to chose from different versions of each character, corresponding with their abilities and stats from previous iterations of SFIV, as well as the special Omega Mode that allows you to play as an over the top version of every fighter and forsake balance for fun.

Online roulette also offers a wide variety of different options. You can enjoy all sorts of styles and games with Lucky Nugget. You can play multiple variants to find the one right for you. There’s French/European style roulette with 37 numbers, while the American version adds the 38th number, 00, for higher risk and reward. You can employ different strategies for roulette and see how to make the wins come easier for you. The main option you have is between playing for free or betting with real money. You can sit back and enjoy the game and practice without any money at stake or you can put it on the line and experience a real casino experience, whatever is right for you.

Change and options are a pretty big part of any Tokusatsu franchise, so keep the message in mind when playing online and you’ll always be one henshin away from a new experience.



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