Night Rogue is locked and loaded, ready to lay the smackdown on his fugitive nemesis, Kamen Rider Build, with these new SH Figuarts toys from the Kamen Rider Build television series. Pose these two lethal enemies in various positions as you force them to fight (or whatever) across the torrid landscape of your desk, or dresser, or wherever else you put them so they can do their thing. Check em out.

Tamashii Nations gifted us with this first image of the two new items.

It’s unspecified at this time when and how Night Rogue’s sexy form will be up for sale, but Kamen Rider Build’s red-and-blue RabbitTank figure is set for a February 2018 release.

Coinciding with the Tenth Anniversary celebration of the prestigious SH Figuarts line, the RabbitTank figure is being offered for 3,456 yen and is featured in this nifty promotional video.

Courtesy of Bandai Tamashii.