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Verizon Media has begun releasing Ultraman Neos and Ultraseven X on their go90 online streaming service. Available for iOS and Android, both Ultraman series come in Japanese with English subtitles. Go90 does not require fees to stream its content, so one may begin viewing immediately.

Recently over the summer, both shows aired on Olympusat, Inc.’s television channel TOKU. Ultraman Neos began its broadcast on TOKU in May and Ultraseven X followed in June.

The 15th installment in the franchise, Neos premiered in 2000, as a 12-episode series released directly to home-video. TOKU describes the series as:

This 12-episode Japanese television series follows the adventures of Ultraman Neos, a skilled warrior from Nebula M78 who is sent to Planet Earth alongside his commander Ultraseven 21 to protect mankind from terrifying kaiju and alien invasions. Upon arriving to earth, Neos quickly merges with Genki Kagura, a young member of the Hi-tech Earth Alert Rescue Team, to join the fight against any terrestrial or extraterrestrial threats.

Ultraseven X aired in 2007 as the 23rd installment in the franchise, reviving the iconic Ultraseven. Ultraseven X was the first series to be exclusively made for adult audiences, and filmed in wide screen high-definition format. TOKU simply describes the show as:

The story of a powerful and mysterious red and silver giant whose main mission is to protect mankind from the Shadow Rulers, an evil alien species who threatens conquer the planet and destroy humanity.

Now, I find this to be wonderful news because I am an Ultra series fan, and since go90 is free it may entice people to view the shows. Also, Ultraseven X is a personal favorite of mine, so I insist that people should check it out as soon as possible! Alternatively, Ultraman Neos is a series that has slipped by me for years; being given the ability to view it now is marvelous. Nevertheless, if more Ultra series are added to Verizon Media’s go90 service, we will be here to provide updates and awareness!


[Source: Hero Club]